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  • Updated: September 17, 2021

FFK: The Cow-lover And His Other Names, By Akinleye Segun

Would Femi Fani Kayode now wish to be called and addressed as "a murderer, a thief, a child of perdition, a man of darkness, shameless, an accursed Boko Haramist, a genocidal maniac, an Almajiri, a mass murderer, a religious bigot, amongst others?" 

Will he laugh when he is called "an ethnic cleanser, a bloodthirsty and ethnic supremacist; the worst man on earth, a coward, a two-faced lying dictator, and an Islamist?" 

When pictures of Fani Kayode standing beside an emotionless President Muhammadu Buhari at Aso Rock Villa flooded the internet on Thursday, in confirmation of his official defection to the All Progressives Congress (APC), social media went wild. This was a man who had spent a major part of his life criticising the same man beside him. He had called the party a lot of unprintable names, some of which he will now have to answer to. The name-calling, to someone like Fani Kayode, seemed like a lifetime away but as they say, the internet doesn't forget. Within a jiffy, screenshots of some of these missiles fired at the APC and the President surfaced. 

Going by his attention-seeking rants, FFK can now safely be called a cow-lover, a corrupt treasury looter, a bringer of death, poverty, destruction, misery, incompetence and shame and there won't be the fear of a backlash. After all, these were the words he used in qualifying the ruling party and its members. 

Politics is a game of interest and you only go where that interest can be accommodated. However, with FFK, this is more than interest. He is a man that has shamelessly crawled back to his vomit. He is a man that will now boldly answer to the many names he called the APC - names by association. 

He is a man who will forever remain in the middle - neither here nor there. Will he be welcomed fully in the APC? That is a doubt giving President Muhammdu Buhari's body language yesterday. Can he find his way back to the PDP? Yes, he can and he might. This is a man who has carved a niche for himself by revisiting his vomits. He is FFK but for now, there are many burning issues affecting the nation than his show of shame. We can focus on those and leave the man who is not of national importance alone to enjoy his vomit.

Akinleye Segun is a writer and social critic based in Lagos. He can be reached via [email protected] and @omoakinspeaks on Twitter.

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