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  • Updated: October 19, 2023

Five Most Corrupt Countries In Africa

Five Most Corrupt Countries In Africa

According to a recent Transparency International report, the level of corruption in Africa has essentially stayed the same despite improvements in some nations.

The report assigns a score to each country based on its perceived amount of public sector corruption, with a lower number signifying a higher level of corruption.

Sub-Saharan Africa's average score is 32 out of 100, with numerous nations scoring below 20, indicating the need for robust anti-corruption measures and greater transparency to address these challenges. 

Per the scores, Seychelles has their highest score at 70, followed by Botswana and Cabo Verde both of which have 60 which makes these three countries the least corrupt in Africa.  

One of the reasons for the region's surge in corruption is poor governance and a lack of accountability. 

This is thought to create a culture of corruption that pervades all levels of society, making it difficult to properly address the problem. 

With that being said, let's explore the five most corrupt countries in Africa in 2023. 

1. Somalia

The high amount of corruption in the country is due to internal strife, disorder, and instability. 

Because certain government officials now habitually accept bribes, they can ignore the fact that illegitimate and illegal acts are taking place.

Even though Somalia's constitution forbids all forms of corruption, the procedure for putting these laws into effect is not being followed. 

Institutions and parastatals are unable to battle the corruption cloud that has engulfed the country because they are disorganised. 

Because there is no established structure or set of norms for governing governmental operations, the economy is constrained and stagnant.

2. South Sudan

South Sudan is just another African country plagued by corruption. 

Bribery appears to be necessary for even the most basic commercial ventures to succeed. 

South Sudan's legal system is equally unworthy of appreciation because it is corrupt and incapable of dealing with the country's corruption challenges.

3. Equatorial Guinea

According to certain reports, corruption in Equatorial Guinea is out of control.

 Surveys revealed that citizens no longer trust public officials' ability and efficacy because they believe they just work for their benefit. 

This makes Equatorial Guinea ranked among the top 5 most corrupt countries in Africa. 

4. Sudan

Sudan is one of the most corrupt countries in Africa due to widespread corruption that impacts all aspects of the country, particularly the economic sector. 

The country is plagued by corruption, which is especially prevalent in the political sector and economic sectors as public workers abuse their power and favouritism takes hold.

5. Libya

Libya has deteriorated into absolute lawlessness since Gaddafi died in 2010. 

As a result of the economy's collapse, both the public and private sectors have sunk into a deep hole of corruption.

Corruption and vandalism have decimated the once-thriving oil industry country. 

Because of the government's arbitrary and unlawful control, which stifles all types of competition in private enterprises, the commercial sector is in disarray. 

On a monetary level, corruption diverts resources away from critical industries and hurts the economy by stunting growth and impeding progress. 

Furthermore, corruption might deter foreign investment since investors are hesitant about investing in nations where corruption is prevalent.

Measures such as tightening anti-corruption laws, increasing accountability for corrupt officials, and boosting transparency in government operations are among the proposals for resolving the problem of corruption in African countries. 

Transparency International states that for the region to reach its full potential, governments must combat corruption and promote transparency. 

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