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  • Updated: February 05, 2021

Five Nollywood Stars Who Love Scandals

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Sydney Elike
Sydney Elike

A graduate of Theatre Arts, Writer, Movie Buff, Avid Reader, and Video Game Enthusiast. 

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The entertainment industry is filled with juicy stories that never stop finding their way to the public, no matter how hard those involved may try to hide it. Some of them end up being gossips spread by rivals to tarnish the image of those involved. Others are fact uncovered by smart individuals who show proof of such stories. If there is one thing we can all agree on, it's that we all love scandalous stories.

Fortunately for those who are always on the lookout for such scandalous stuff, there are some actors who seem to relish being the subject of the scandals. Like a moth to the flame or flies that are always attracted to foul smells, they can't shake off the ugly tales that follow them about. Let's take a look at some of them.


Many would refer to this pretty and glamorous movie star as the Queen of scandals due to her always in the news for doing things that attract strong criticism or something controversial. One of her many antics includes the fake conference photo incident in Dubai in December 2019.

Sharp-eyed Instagram users had been quick to point out the deception after she posted pictures of herself on a podium supposedly speaking to members of an audience at a conference organized by Modul University, Dubai.

One close look at the pictures and it became obvious that Tonto Dikeh wasn't speaking to an audience at all. When the observers zoomed in on the pictures, they found out that during her 'speech delivery', there was not a single person sitting in the hall as revealed by the glass behind her. Nice try, Tonto! 

Another remarkable incident that shocked many was when the actress announced that she lost her virginity to DJ Jimmy Jatt, one of the nation's most popular music personalities. Now, if that isn't scandalous, what is?


This busty actress and singer has also had her fair of controversially scandalous moments. Always quick to flaunt her enormous cleavage every chance she gets, Cossy Orjiakor has never been a shy gal. 

Who would ever forget the sex with a dog story that made the rounds in 2009? It was the story of the year and many were quick to buy into it when the video supposedly lending credencing to the inhuman act surfaced online. It was a clip from a movie shot in 2002 in which Cossy has sex with a dog. People had said that it had actually happened and wasn't just make-believe.

In a bid to separate fact from lies, Potpourri had engaged the producer of the movie, Lucky Ewah, in a phone conversation and he had debunked the rumors, saying that contrary to what was being said, it never went beyond acting. 

Well, what the public knows is that the video was pretty convincing for it to have given those who saw it the impression that Cossy had done the unthinkable. And that puts her right on this list.


Widely regarded as Nollywood's bad boy, Jim Iyke has a reputation of being a hot head and getting in the news for the wrong reasons.

Six years ago, a woman had accused the dark-skinned star of being the reason for her marriage coming apart (this was a few days after an artist, Emma Agu, had called out the same actor for being responsible for his break up with Ghanaian screen sensation, Nadia Buari.

Ruth Okoro, the woman in question, had revealed how Jim Iyke had made advances at her even when he knew she was a married woman. She said she had refused his advances and taking advantage of her friendship with fellow Nollywood actor Emeka Ike, Jim Iyke had set him up by lying that he had been involved romantically with her. Ruth Okoro had labeled Jim Iyke a "home wrecker." 


Handsome Nollywood veteran Emeka Ike is another entertainment figure whose 'dirty laundry' has been aired to members of the general public.

Back in 2013, Kemi Filani News published a piece on how the star and his wife at the time mismanaged his school, St. Nicholas College in the Magodo area of Lagos State. The write-up had alleged that Emeka Ike (who claimed that he established the school with the aim of giving children the best education) had over the years shown that he was solely in it for the money.

Dishing further, the story had been purported that Emeka Ike treated his teachers like animals, making them go the extra mile and refusing to pay them for their work. This, according to them, led to the tutors being owed salaries. It was revealed that his wife, the proprietress of the school, was no better and also squandered the money generated by the educational institution.

Years into the future, Emeka Ike would become embroiled in a messy divorce scandal with his wife that began in 2015 when she decided she had had enough and filed the papers. The actor had earlier denied the divorce rumours when she had accused him of being a wife-beater and opted for divorce. The union had come to an end in March 2017 when a Lagos Island Customary Court had dissolved the marriage.


Ini Edo has been accused of almost everything scandalous during the course of her rise to fame in the entertainment industry. From being called a lesbian and a  husband-snatcher, the black beauty's name certainly rings a bell in the controversial department.

In 2014, the diva's marriage to Phillips Ehiagwina collapsed. He had allegedly accused her of infidelity. This came as no surprise as many made the assumption that she had never been responsible. But a source close to her had denied her hubby's claim, saying that on the contrary, Ini Edo had loved him and had been devoted to him, never cheating on him in any way.

Well, what else do we expect from a femme fatale who won the Nollywood's Sexiest Actress title and is considered a sex goddess? Some scandal would definitely be involved whenever her name is mentioned.


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Sydney Elike
Sydney Elike

A graduate of Theatre Arts, Writer, Movie Buff, Avid Reader, and Video Game Enthusiast. 

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