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  • Updated: March 10, 2023

Five Top Hollywood Movies Where The Hero, Villain Never Met

Five Top Hollywood Movies Where The Hero, Villain Never Met

Whenever we watch an action movie, it all seems to build up to a very specific point where the hero and the villain meet, then it climaxes from the hero and the villain giving us an epic fight show.

The entire plot revolves around bringing the villain and the hero together at the same time.

Then they engage in the decisive stand-off, which, nine times out of ten, the hero easily prevails in.

However, some movies opt to take a completely different approach.

Even though it is laughably difficult and seems almost impossible, some movies have successfully avoided having their hero and villain ever interact.

Granted, most of them don’t, which is why this rarely gets done.

But let’s take a look at five great Hollywood movies where the villain and hero never meeting each other doesn’t diminish the overall experience or story of the movie. 

1. Lord of The Rings

Many heroes and villains appear in 'The Lord of the Rings', both working together and separately.

The primary conflict, however, revolves around Frodo's attempts to destroy the One Ring and Sauron's attempts to kidnap Frodo to recover the ring's power.

While Frodo frequently encounters Sauron's handymen, he never actually meets Sauron himself. 

The main reason for this of course is that Sauron in the present time isn’t more than just an eye. 

But even then, Frodo manages to evade the eye’s gaze for most of his quest to Mount Doom, even when right under Sauron’s nose.


2. The Fifth Element

Gary Oldman's Zorg was almost as memorable in this movie as Bruce Willis' Corbin Dallas, but even though both characters were at odds throughout the movie, they never physically met.

They came close when Corbin exited an elevator just as Zorg entered it, but calling that a meeting between villain and hero would be a stretch.

3. Braveheart

While William Wallace smacks his way through a swarm of English soldiers in his attempt to reach King Edward "Longshanks," the two never met.

As King Edward gives orders to the troops on the field during the final battle, you almost get the impression that the big moment is about to happen.

However, before William can reach him, he is betrayed and brutally murdered as a warning to others trying to sympathize with his cause.


4. Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope

'A New Hope' was the one Star Wars movie that managed to do what every other film seemed to struggle with massively: slow and proper pacing.

It introduced us to Luke as he embarks on an epic journey to discover his identity and bring down the Empire, while also introducing us to the murderous Lord Vader, who appears hellbent on ensuring the Jedi never return.

Even though the story's heroes and villains cross paths frequently after the film, the only main characters who interact with Vader as a main villain are Ben Kenobi and Leia.

Luke and Darth Vader only catch a glimpse of each other but never meet.

5. The Truman Show

While this is not an action movie, there is a clear villain and hero.

It is not your typical trope, but the movie progresses to the point where Jim Carrey's Truman Burbank becomes increasingly aware of his predicament.

This establishes his development as a hero with a clear goal in mind: to leave the TV show that has become his entire life as a result of the villain, Ed Harris' Cristof.

The two interact briefly but never actually met, which adds to the impression that Cristof is some sort of God hovering over Truman's life.

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