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Five Ways Singles Can Spend Valentine's Day

Five Ways Singles Can Spend  Valentine's Day

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No lies, the lovey-dovey on social media in the week leading to Valentine's Day can be a little bit intimidating for the singles.

But who says the singles have to be home alone depressed and ruminating over why they are riding solo on the romantic day of the year?

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Here, find all the best things to do if you're single on Valentine's Day

Masturdate: If you are not going all out to show yourself self-love on Valentine's day, then what are you even doing?

What is masturdating first of all? Masturdating is the act of taking yourself out on typical date activities, all alone. To masturdate, you have to give yourself a treat and do something that feels a little special.

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You can masturdate in a lot of ways. Get a beauty treatment, eat at your favourite restaurant, go shopping. Basically, do that thing you've been putting off for months.

See a movie: The good thing is, you can decide to stay home, sit on your couch and have a movie marathon or go to the cinema to catch that action movie with the rest of the crowd.

Write Yourself A Love Letter: Oh yes, write yourself a cute letter listing your special attributes. Write about what you are proud of and how you have made yourself happy. Feel free to brag. Instead of thinking about what’s lacking in your life, you can reflect on yourself and your purpose.

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Call Up Your Friends: It's important to know that Valentine's day is not just a day you celebrate with your partner or spouse. It's a day of love, meaning you spend it with your loved ones.

Instead of moping around feeling miserable about being lonely on Valentine's, get the gang together to do something fun as a group.

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Extend Hands of Affection to the Less Privilege: While a supposed spouse might not be showering you with love and affection, why not shower someone else with this. Children living in the less privileged homes can use some love on this special day.

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