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  • Updated: May 06, 2023

'Forever Living' Now A Feature In Metaverse

'Forever Living' Now A Feature In Metaverse

Representation of Metaverse Life PHOTO CREDIT: ADOBESTOCK

Metaverse is a virtual world or shared space where people can interact with each other, create and share content, and engage in economic activities.

It is a combination of the words "meta" and "universe" and is often used to refer to the concept of a virtual world that is built on a blockchain platform.

Being built on the blockchain platform will eventually guarantee that life in the metaverse will not be controlled based on the whims and caprices of some remote-control freak. 

As things stand, the metaverse has come into our lives for years and its effects are sure to continue.

While we may have forgotten about investing in a metaverse world the concept is still growing.

Currently, the metaverse world has touched upon an important subject for humankind which is immortality.

A metaverse company now offers "Live Forever" mode.

One of the many metaverses that have popped up recently is Somnium Space, whose CEO and founder is Sychov.

Somnium Space, in contrast to many of its rivals, is already VR headset compatible, enabling an immersive 3D experience. Something that makes this company's CEO remarkable is his story. 

The idea for "Live Forever" mode, a forthcoming function in Somnium Space that enables people to have their movements and conversations stored as data and then duplicated as an avatar that moves, talks, and sounds exactly like you—and can continue to do so for a long time after you have died—was inspired by Sychov's father's passing.

People will have access to their deceased loved ones at any time, according to Sychov's dream. 

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