Fundraiser For Ted From Scrubs Reaches $100,000 Following His Cancer Diagnosis

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He played the singing lawyer in one of the biggest sitcoms of the last 20 years - but now former Scrubs star Sam Lloyd is fighting for his life.

Last month the writer and actor, who recently welcomed the birth of his first child, was diagnosed with cancer after doctors discovered he had a brain tumour.

A GoFundMe page has been set up to pay for the 55-year-old's treatment and bills, and amazingly it has already passed the $100,000 target, just two days after it was posted.

So far the fundraiser has managed to generate an incredible $108,696 (£83,900).

The GoFundMe post explains how doctors attempted to remove the tumour but were unable to as it was 'too intertwined'.

It says: "By Sunday, Sam and [his wife] Vanessa were informed that the cancer in his brain had metastasised from his lungs. Further scans showed the cancer was also in his liver, spine, and jaw.

Friends and family have rallied around the much-loved actor, in the face of his devastating diagnosis. Credit: GoFundMe

"In the face of this devastating news, Sam and Vanessa have been incredibly strong and positive.

"Humour and laughter, which have been a huge part of Sam's life, will undoubtedly help him with what lies ahead. Just hours after being diagnosed, Sam was cheering on his beloved New England Patriots in his hospital room. When the nurse asked him to ;cheer quieter', Sam politely nodded. When the nurse left the room, Sam turned to Vanessa and his friends and said, 'What are they gonna do? Kill me?'"

The post continues: "Sam is, simply put, a sweet, kind, and generous soul. Through his music and acting, and most of all his friendship, he has blessed all of our lives immeasurably. Throughout his wonderful life, including his more than 30 years in Los Angeles, Sam has perfected the fine art of friendship. So many of those friends have reached out, wanting to know how they can help support him and his family during this difficult time."

Since the heartbreaking news was announced, co-stars have rallied around the dad-of-one, sharing the fundraising page on social media.

Zach Braff, who played central character JD in the hospital comedy series, posted: "Tragic news from our beloved Sam (aka, Ted the Lawyer). I will of course be getting involved. Please send him your love."

Kate Micucci (Stephanie Gooch in the show) asked her fans to get involved too, writing: "My pal Sam is fighting cancer. He played Ted on SCRUBS. He's an incredible person and a new dad. Please donate if you can."

Good luck, Sam.

Featured Image Credit: GoFundMe

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