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  • Updated: Feb 07, 2020

Gifts To Get That Special Partner This Valentine



Walter Igboanu

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Festive periods are always cherished as, depending on the occasion, they provide avenues for people to reflect soberly, take stock of progress, as well as celebrate and spend time with loved ones. With valentine's air already red with roses, people are getting all antsy in expectations of gifts and surprise packages from loved ones. 

Although some people won't care less about the frivolities of an occasion that has seemingly become a tiring cliche, still, many live in eager anticipation of February 14th, as it is probably the only time all year when people set life pressures aside and get mushy with colleagues, associates, and friends.

This is a period when people in relationships seek to rekindle the embers of their affairs, while those nursing unrequited feelings, might just be presented with the perfect time to be more expressive, and should the rejection be too glaring, get away with their dignity intact and the blame on the valentine season. 

If you're stuck in limbo wondering the perfect gift you could get for your partner, crush, colleague or family, here are several suggestions. Remember, you do not necessarily have to wait until the valentine period to spread love and affection. Be that as it may, get your jotter ready to note down the perfect gift for that man or woman. While there are numerous options obtainable, we've decided to restrict this list to the top five for both sexes.

Women To Men
While the stereotypical society we find ourselves in would consciously emasculate men who do not make expressive gestures of love to their partners, women, oftentimes are the party guilty of this. You do not necessarily have to get your boyfriend, father, brother or friend a car or build them a house to show love - not like these would be going too far anyway - little acts like the ones found below often get immensely appreciated.

Most men, arguably, are unbothered about owning too many possessions. A few T-shirts, trousers, shorts and a pair of shoes are all they need to look smart for the year. However, if there's something that drives enormous gratitude from men, it is a pair of sneakers.

There are different brands, sizes and designs available in the market and you will do well to get an idea of your man's taste before deciding on which to buy.

Depending on the taste of your partner, you could decide to go for a packet of shirts or pairs of trousers. Some men might also place more value on formal clothing like a suit or traditional outfits like native wears. Some guys who are football fans would also appreciate jersey kits or tracksuits. You do not have to announce your intention well ahead of time. Using subtle means to extract information about their sizes should set you on the right path to a wonderful surprise.

Video Games

Yes. A majority of men, especially young men, place tremendous value on video games, with the most popular being the PlayStation series. There are different series from PlayStation one to the recently released five. Depending on the size of your wallet, getting your partner a PlayStation, preferably between three and five, might make him propose to you right there on the spot.

Watches/Neck Chains
You should know when your man likes to look game or bling. Is he the one that has a locker of gold wristwatches and neck chains? Does he make occasional comments about wanting a wristwatch but not having the time or money? This might just be the perfect time to surprise him.

An All Expense Paid Outing
Notice the word outing? It means you don't necessarily have to empty your savings planning for a trip to the Bahamas. It could be a beach outing, dinner at a restaurant or a cinema date. Whichever it is, ensure you're the one footing the entirety of the bill even if he tries to insist; he just wants to conform to society's idea of masculinity.

While at it, you could try to make his grin and surprise wider by treating him to little things he definitely won't ask for, like the burger on display, a packet of chocolates, a karaoke performance or another bottle of wine to take home. Trust me, he will remember that moment for a really long time.

Men To Women
The needs of women are inexhaustible and would take the entirety of the space on this site if detailedly approached. However, from personal interactions with a select group of women, the following should have your partner grinning her widest on valentine's day.

A woman's dressing is never complete without a glamorous bag or purse to fit. For guys though, determining the right type, size and design of the bag to get a woman could be quite daunting due to the plethora of options available.

However, consciously try to note her gallery to understand her preference, and if possible, seek a friend of hers sworn to secrecy to accompany you to get the proper purchase. The last thing you want for your Valentine mood is trying to throw a surprise and getting a reaction that has already been prepared for you 

A Cosmetic Kit
Ahah! This particular option should have taken first place seeing as it is an invaluable item to almost every woman. The percentage of almost, however, is a very tiny one. Women, especially young ones, are bound to smear you with lovely kisses if you get them this prized possession.

Know another secret? It isn't necessarily going to cause a hole in your pocket. 

A Mobile Phone
Now, I am not asking you to be a Father Christmas by getting your partner a mobile phone whereas you have been using yours for the past five years. This choice is purely optional depending on the situation obtainable. The sole reason it made this list is because of the large number of women who mentioned it in the earlier mentioned survey. If you're going to throw this really huge surprise for your partner, ensure you have the financial capacity to shoulder the costs. Whoever presents his head to be used in the breaking of coconut will not partake in the eating of it.

Fancy Vacation
There are several places you can spend your vacation at. I won't be spending much time here. Read this article on 8 Places To Visit During Valentine’s Day to get a rundown of several alluring options.

How do you feel when you are out with your partner and she's looking all glam and resplendent in her six-inch heel shoes? Wait! I'll answer for you. Proud! I'm certainly correct. Women have got special tastes when it comes to footwears though.

Be sure you know what kind of shoes your partner fancies. A corporate shoe? Sneakers? Heels? Sandals? Or Boots? Who knows, she might even fancy less expensive footwear like a pair of slippers.

I'm tempted to add several other gift options to this list as I feel I didn't do enough justice to feminine choices. So, other purchase options and gift packages to get your female friend, lover or relative include affordable weave on, bracelets, earrings, necklaces, nice, special bodywear, bespoke pillows or nice deodorants. It doesn't necessarily have to be material or monetary gifts, special moments together over a home-cooked dinner might just be all she needs to feel like the most celebrated valentine queen



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