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  • Updated: Apr 07, 2021

Google Bug Disrupts America, Delta, United Airlines Online services

Google Bug Disrupts America, Delta, United Airlines Online s

The booking systems operated by American, Delta and United Airlines stopped their online services earlier this week because of a software bug in Google’s platform powering the airlines' operations.

Customers experienced the disruption when attempted to book a flight with one of the three airlines that encountered page loading errors, and the only way to get around the problem was to turn to the phone booking system of each company.

The three airlines confirmed the issues on Twitter and assures customers that they were working on addressing them but without sharing any specifics on what exactly happened.

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Delta confirmed in a statement that it was working with a “third party” to resolve the whole thing but the name of this company hasn’t been disclosed. The problem was actually encountered by Google’s flight service powering the three companies’ systems

“Delta is engaged with a third-party vendor that is currently troubleshooting a technical issue that is impacting the ability for customers to search for and book flights on Delta.com and the Fly Delta app. Delta's Customers can still check-in for flights and use the platforms to search for other flight planning information. We apologize for the inconvenience,” Delta told The Hill in a statement.

Google itself confirmed it was working on fixing a “known issue” in its platform, but without sharing any other specifics on what exactly.

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AllNews gathered that the problem has been corrected and all systems are back up and running normally. Delta confirmed that booking on its website is working properly and customers can also rely on the other system too, including the Fly Delta app.

“The issue was caused by the failure of technology provided to Delta and multiple airlines by Google. We apologize for any inconvenience this caused,” Delta eventually confirmed.


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