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  • Updated: September 29, 2022

Google Introduces Ten New Search Features

Google Introduces Ten New Search Features

In order to better connect web searchers with the material they are looking for and to make web search feel more natural and intuitive, Google has unveiled ten new search features and improvements at the Search on 2022 event.

On Thursday, Google said that it would be enhancing Google Search using AI developments, including a brand-new tool called Multitask Unified Model (MUM).

The new features and improvements utilising machine learning, according to Taiwo Kola-Ogunlade, Head of Communication for West Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa, would enable users to gather information in novel ways.

Among the updated features are:

Expanding Multi-search

In the upcoming months, Google will add multisearch to 70 new languages. Google introduced multisearch for English- and US-based inquiries last year.

What is multisearch on Google. You can use Google Multisearch on your camera phone to perform an image search using Google Lens and then add a text search on top of the image search.

Then, Google will present you with visual search results based on both the image and the text query.

The operation of Google Multisearch

Click the Google Lens camera icon to the right of the search box in the Google app for Android or iOS.

Then aim the camera towards a nearby object, use an image stored in your camera, or even take a shot of something displayed on your computer screen.

After bringing up the results with a swipe up, click the "+ Add to your search" option. You can add words to your photo query in this area.

Multisearch near me Coming Soon

Google previewed multisearch near me at Google I/O the previous year.

In the upcoming months, Google will roll out that feature in the English and American search results.

In theory, Google stated that it would debut in the late fall of 2022.

Multisearch for what is nearby. You may zoom in on those picture and text searches using the near me feature to hunt for products or anything else using your camera, as well as to get local results.

So you can search for a restaurant that serves a particular meal.

Text translated by Google Lens is now cleaner

It's so much fun to use Google Lens, which enables you to translate text by pointing your camera at it in nearly any situation.

Now, Google Lens will deliver that translated content in a more polished and integrated manner. It will debut later this year.

GAN models—also referred to as generative adversarial networks—are being used by Google to improve the way the translated text is displayed.

The "Magix Eraser" feature on images is made possible by the same technology that Google uses in its Pixel devices.

The following example demonstrates how Google Lens overlays the translation in a way that makes it simpler for users to understand:

Shortcuts for the iOS Google App

With the addition of shortcuts today, users of the Google Search app for iOS will find it simpler to search, translate, use voice search, translate, upload screenshots, and more.

This is going live today in the US for iOS users, but it won't be available for Android until later in the year.

New Search Alterations

Google is also introducing new search aids and improvements for both the search results page and the autocomplete feature.

It will now provide tappable words as you input your question, allowing you to build it as you go. This is a query builder that works by simply tapping on words.

As you enter, richer information will also appear in the autocomplete results.

After you search, Google also gives you the option to edit your query by adding or removing items that you wish to zoom in or out on.

The top search bar has been modified to be more dynamically driven to assist you drill down into the information you are looking for.

More visual information

Google now displays search results that are more aesthetically pleasing for specific queries.

This enables you to learn more about subjects like travel, people, animals, plants, and so forth.

Depending on your search, Google will display brief films, recommendations, suggestions for things to do, and more. Google will also visually emphasise the information in this UX that is more pertinent.

Explore as you scroll

Sometimes, the more you scroll through the Google Search results, the less relevant the results become. That makes sense, right? Google ought to place the most pertinent information at the top.

In order to provide searchers with ideas related to their query but not precise matches, Google has developed a new explore option.

With the new explore function, users can learn more about subjects unrelated to their original search.

This new explore function allows users to discover information outside of their original search topic.

In the upcoming months, this will become live for English and American results.

Forums and conversation

For U.S. English results, Google Search may now include a section for "discussions and forums."

This aims to make it easier for people to locate first-person accounts of individuals on the subject across a variety of online discussion platforms, including Reddit but going beyond simply a particular forum platform.

Local and global news that has been translated

Early in the following year, Google will make it possible to locate translated news coverage for both national and worldwide news stories.

Google Search will provide translated headlines for news results from publications that publish in different languages using machine translation.

You will receive "authoritative reporting from journalists" who are based in the nation affected by that particular news story.

This screenshot demonstrates the phrase "translated by Google" next to the headings:

The personalization of this result is displayed.

Additionally, Google is displaying whether personalisation is taken into account in the About this result feature.

If the search results are tailored in any manner, Google will now let you know. Additionally, Google will let you alter or disable personalisation.

Accordingly, Google will allow you to customise that within the new shopping capabilities if you declare that you prefer a particular brand or department.

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