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  • Updated: Apr 07, 2021

Google’s Android Advertising Tool Faces Complaint In France

Google’s Android Advertising Tool Faces Complaint In Franc

Privacy activist Max Schrems has accused Google’s Android advertising tool of violating European Union rules by failing to get users’ consent in France.

Noyb, a group set up by Schrems, said in a statement on Wednesday that Google’s software created an advertising identifier on people’s phones without their knowledge. The complaint was filed with France’s data protection watchdog CNIL.

“While these trackers clearly require the users’ consent,” Google “neglects this legal requirement,” the group said.

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Schrems raised concern over the safety of personal data when it was shipped to the U.S. He won key judgments forcing regulations on both sides of the Atlantic to rethink that transfer rules. The EU’s revamped data protection law in 2018 opened the door to mass lawsuits, which led to the creation of Noyb.

The group has since also targeted Apple Inc.’s ad tracking. In the complaints filed with Spanish and German authorities in November, Noyb accused Apple of unlawfully installing identification for advertisers on its devices. The service helps Apple and apps track users’ behaviour and their consumption preferences without their consent, the group said.

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AllNews reported last month that Google was accused of tracking users using their tracking tools such as Google Analytics, Google Ad Manager and website plug-ins, despite knowing they did not want to be tracked. In a ruling from U.S. District Judge Lucy Koh for the Northern District of California, and Google's attempt to throw out the lawsuit but was denied.


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