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Happy New Month Messages, New Month Prayers, Quotes For October 2020

Happy New Month everyone. New Month wishes are widely popular throughout the world. The first day in every new month, just like the New Year, means a lot to many who usually share messages, wishes, greetings, and prayers to their relatives, friends, and colleagues.

Regardless of religious and other cultural leanings, people plead for loved ones, send them beautiful greetings and wishes on the first day of every month. These wishes also serve to prepare them for the remaining days in the month of September 2020.

Below are 60 happy new month messages, new month prayers, happy new month quotes to send to your friends and family members, and loved ones.

1. it’s another great month, it’s time for me to do something new in a new way with a new idea. Happy New Month.

2. In this beautiful new month, you will be celebrated, promoted and elevated. Happy New Month.

3. I wish you a month full of gladness, benevolence and love. Happy New Month.

4. Forget your worries, the problem just because it is a wonderful and fantastic new month and have every reason to be grateful. Happy New Month!

5. Let go of past failure, disappointment, and pain and embrace this month with a heart full of new ideas and inspiration. Happy New Month.

6. May each and every day of this new month be filled with happiness and joy unspeakable, Happy New Month.

7. It’s the dawn of another month and I pray it will be favourably and filled with laughter and love. Happy New Month.

8. As today make the beginning of a new month, may everything within you be refreshed. And may you forget about what was gone and start with a clean slate. Happy New Month.

9. From this new month, may everything that you do point always towards you goals and dreams in life. Happy New Month.

10. It’s my prayer that this month will be filled with beautiful experiences and great memories. Happy New Month.

11. Wishing all my friends a wonderful new month. I am wishing you all the best in everything you are doing in this new month.

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12. No matter what happens this new month, may the Lord remember you among the most blessed people ever!

13. I am wishing you the most beautiful things ever on earth as we celebrate the hope of a new month.

14 May you rise above every problem that sticks to your destiny; I just want to say happy new month my friend.

15 You are my best friend and I love to hear that from friends. Less I forget, may this new month bring love into your home!

16 May the Lord bless you with endless joy on this special month; as you look up to your daily need, I pray that your hands should reach them.

17. I just want to wish every one of you a beautiful, cute and awesome new month. Enjoy yourselves to the end.

18 My prayer is to see every happy this new month. May your days be crowned with lots of success and prosperity!

19 Giving thanks to the Almighty God who spared our lives up till this moment as we celebrate the new month success.

20 We pray that this new month brings lots of success into your world, and make you one of the happiest people.

21. In this New Month, I wish you a glorious and a fantastic start. It’s a brand new month for you to fulfill all your desires which are surely feasible. Happy new month.

22. Happy New Month, my dear. I wish you to achieve the very best of your hopes in the remaining days this month. I know that this New Month will reveal its goodness towards you and your family. Happy New Month.

23. In this New Month, your pains will be in the past, and your gains will be exalted because you shall have dominion over your challenges. Happy new month, I wish you a very blessed month ahead.

24. Welcome to the New Month where you shall regain opportunities to multiply your struggle as you continue to from grace to dominion. I wish you the very best life will offer this month. Happy New Month.

25. This New Month shall bring you Joy, Love, Grace, Hope, Cheers, and Happiness. This Month you shall look fresher and do more significant things than the past months. Happy New Month.

26. I wish that this New Month will provide a plethora of reasons for you to cheer. I pray that this New Month puts on a higher level. May this New Month bring you glory and dominion. Happy New Month!

27. It is indeed amazing to know that you made it to this New Month. I wish you the very best successes as you journey through life this New Month. Happy New Month.

28. I hope you enjoy a Happy New Month from the bottom of my heart. I pray that this month will never bring negativity to you but rather opportunities to convert them to positivity. I wish you a very Happy New Month.

29. Joy, Happiness, Love, Good Health and many more Fulfilments are my wishes for you this new month. I wish you a Happy New Month devoid of your worries and sorrows.

30. I am sending you all the good wishes you will ever desire to achieve this New Month. I hope that this New Month you will continue to swim in the pool of grace as you succeed beyond human expectations. Happy new month.

Happy New Month Prayer

31. I wish you the head of unmeasurable wisdom and a heart with an abundance of love this new month. I am the happiest person in the world to say a happy new month to you. May you excel this new month. I wish you the best, always.

32. May every day of this new month have little doses of joy and love. You are a star, so shine all through the new month. All these and many more do I wish you this month and every day of your life. Welcome to a fantastic month.

33. This month is your moment of unexplainable blessings because you will be encountering success all around. All the days of your life have been marked to have inestimable merriment. You will never have a cause to have a bad month. I wish you nothing less than the best month ever.

34. I want you to enjoy a great month ahead. You will ride through the sun, and nothing is stopping you from reaching the top. You’ve been a motivation to me, and I can’t stop at anything in wishing you the best of the month – Happy new month.

35. Cheers to the new month that came with love. I appreciate every day you face, as I am grateful for how amazing you have been in my life. Challenges will happen, but I trust you to handle them all — happy new month, dear.

36. This new month will provide you with heavenly wings to fly over all the storms that will be coming your way. You are stronger than you look, and I am sure that this is your month of success. I wish you the best of the new month.

37. You will find immense success, happiness, and joy in all you do this new month. You will be getting more than what you ask for because you are blessed beyond words. Every day of this new month will end with a bountiful harvest that will spice up your life.

38. You will shine like the sun and be precious as the diamonds. No matter what happens, you will always be at the top. I wish you a month that will shine as you shine. It is a month of possibilities. Enjoy the new month.

39. I want you to maintain that beautiful smile both day that marks the start of a new month and every other day of your life. No matter what happens, don’t let that smile leave your face because it makes the world glow.

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40. When you see that which you have never seen and met that which you have never encountered, it is an opportunity to be at the top. Changes come in surprises, and I am waiting for you to experience nothing but positive changes in this brand new month.

41. The new month begins with a whole lot of things that you can’t possibly imagine. When the package arrives, make the best out of it and have fun as you do because you can’t probably relive your life again — happy new month.

42. Yesterday is by the side, same with last month, but you are here, ready to fire into the new month. Never less your fire and ginger for anything in the world. Approach the new month with that desire, and you will come out at the top of it. Happy new month, dearest.

43. Be ready to embrace all the new month brings, but I wish you the best in the coming month. It is a month whose memory will leave a whole lot of sweetness on your mind. Are you ready for it? Happy new month.

44. I wish you and your family the happiness and pleasure of life. Make good memories of dangerous situations, and don’t forget that it doesn’t get bad forever. There will always be a light at the end of the tunnel — a happy new month.

45. The Almighty has kept you up to this moment for a reason. You are a blessing, a shining star. Thanks for being amazing all through last month. Let’s do it again in this new month. Have a happy new month, dear.

46. I decree that the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, His divine providence, His supernatural manifestations, and His goodness shall be your portion this new month. In Jesus name. Happy new month sweetheart.

Happy New Month Messages For Lovers

47. Last month was full of beauty on every side, just like the one before the just concluded month and it’s all beautiful because you were by my side all the way, dearie. I’m so sure in my heart that this new month will be far better than the previous ones. Have a wonderful month my love. God bless you!

48. With you, days run into weeks and weeks into months and I barely notice it. Life with you just has the way it speeds past like flash as every moment is filled with love that it brings. Jeez! Another month is gone by already and there’s a new one around the corner. Happy new month to the love of my love.

49. To the one who makes me grin like no other, who makes me laugh and smile at the same time, to the one who is my stuck with me forever, and to the one who understands the rhyme of my heart, I wish a happy new month. Love you!

50. Happy new month to the love of my life and my happiness. You make my heart leaps in joy. You make my life admirable and I love you so much. Kiss and hug!

51. Truth is each month is another time of unique blessing to me. It’s because it grants me a chance to love and treasure you better than before. Whatever this month offers me and you, through thick and thin, we will stick together in unity and deep affection. I love you my angel and wish you a happy new month. God bless your beautiful heart.

52. Whatever happens this new month, whatever comes your way, I’ll be here to love and care for you. I’ll be here to encourage and strengthen you. I’ll be here to share joy and happiness with you. Happy new month my love. Everything you lay your hands on shall prosper in Jesus name.

53. Here are my wishes for you this new month, I wish you good health money can not buy and I pray that all your dreams and aspirations shall come true. I promise to be always there for you, darling. Have a blissful month, love. Great is your joy in the new month.

54. We will prosper this new month as we have always prospered in every other month together. Nothing will be able to come between us no matter what. For we are made to share life’s joy and all together. I love you to the moon and back dear. Here’s wishing you a month full of happiness and joy.

55. When life itself goes in your favor in the new month or when it goes against you like the contrary wind I’ll be here with you holding your hands, doing great things together with you, baby. It’s a new month my love, cheers to a month of greater heights. Blessings!

56. It’s a new month honey pie. A month where you’ll do outstanding things beyond your wildest dreams. A month where you’ll achieve all your goal and aspirations. A month of divine acceleration and breakthrough. Babe, I can’t wait to celebrate all these things with you. Have a glorious month. God bless you.

57. A sweet love like you deserves every good thing the month has to offer. That’s why in this new month, I’m wishing you joy without end on every way you go, great success in all that you do, an outstanding breakthrough in all your endeavors and ever-glorious love between us as the month unfolds. God bless you, beautiful. Have a wonderful month ahead.

58. Seeing you by my side in a new month is awesome and encouraging. I’m so glad we made it, darling. Go and prosper because lines are falling for you in pleasant places, sweetheart. Have a splendid month.

59. Every month is a unique blessing that I am learning to understand and receive alongside with you, my love. It’s been an amazing experience of sharing the blessings with you. I’m happy another new month is here, a whole new terrain to love you in the most scintillating ways that will blow your mind. May this month bring us nothing but love and greater affection. Cheers, to love.

60. Happy new month sweetheart. May you have cause to rejoice and be thankful every day of this month. May your beautiful heart be adored with blessings from the throne of grace.

Please note that the Happy New Month messages contained in this article were not originally compiled by this author but were edited where necessary.


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