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  • Updated: February 06, 2023

Helping Beginners Choose Their Cloud Infrastructure Provider

For most beginners in the cloud provisioning domain (especially startups), being in tune with the technicalities enough to choose the best provider that will cater to all their needs can be difficult.

From Google Cloud Platform, Amazon Web Services, Azure, etc. to others, there are significant nuances that also influence ultimate costs but are only known to internal players. 

Moreover, evolving costs of hardware as well as the promise of lower cloud hardware costs have inspired startups to migrate services to the cloud.

Naturally, when many teams become unsure how to decide efficiently or cost-effectively on hardware solutions, they resort to expert aids. 

Startup developers are interested in maintaining multiple application code bases that work independently with each cloud provider.

However, they are beginning to realize how time-consuming it is to manage especially when there’s no glory in trying to be everything to everyone.

Typically, deploying cloud infrastructure will involve analyzing tools and software solutions such as application monitoring and activity logging resulting in many developers suffering analysis paralysis. 

For this reason, cloud monogamy has become a startup's generally accepted operating principle. 

As it stands now, most companies have the luxury to operate within those confines indefinitely.

 But of course, you cannot help analyzing available tools before settling for a cloud infrastructure provider to keep application maturity and running costs in check.

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