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  • Updated: Oct 27, 2020

Hilary Ibegbulem: A Leader Whose Foundation Is Building, Promoting And Supporting Youth Advocacy

 Hilary Ibegbulem: A Leader Whose Foundation Is Building, Pr

A true leader they say is one that has the compassion to listen to the needs of others. He does not really set out to become a leader but he becomes one by the equality of his actions and the integrity of his intent. 

This statement best describes Hilary Ibegbulem. He is a man with many parts. His charitable heart is uncommon. He is a light that shines the path for others follow. 

Being a good leader is about seeing potentials in one, especially younger generations and helping to build a conducive world where anything is possible for these destinies to manifest. A good leader is a friendly mentor who grows a fruitful mentee. And that's who Ibegbulem is. 

Ibegbulem through his charitable initiatives has been involved in many youth-related projects either as sponsor, patron or advisor.

One youth project that's readily a beneficiary of Ibegbulem's generosity is that which is run by Akpobi Elvis. 

Akpobi Elvis is the founder of "Not too young to lead initiative" a non-profit organization birthed about four years ago to groom young leaders in Nigeria to occupy the economic, political and corporate space. Elvis says his dream project became a reality due to the support of Ibegbulem. 

Highlighting some of his NGO's activities he says they include: campaign against drug abuse, human trafficking and cultism, free food drive projects for 2020 World Food Day, where we fed over 500 children and the aged in the slums of Sapele, given them free food items.

Akpobi said the not too young to lead initiative got a leverage to do all of these projects with the support of the amiable patron. He says: 

"I must say that grace linked me with Mr. Hilary Ibegbulem whose sterling qualities have brought him to the position of principal secretary to the Executive Governor of Delta State.

"It all started about four years back. He never knew me from Adam and unlike many others, he never saw me through ethnic binary. Aside from mentoring me into what I am today, he made himself the symbol of love and hope that I can reflect to other young people.

"He provided the leverage that today gives me the rare privilege of always whispering and amplifying the burdens and needs of Nigerian youths who keep coming to our NGO with one request or the other.

"Aside payments of school fees of under privileged youths, a lot of young persons have had their businesses uplifted or established courtesy of Hilary. He gives everything and demands nothing." 

Speaking further, Akpobi said Ibegbulem's foundation created for him and others a world where he can find Home.

He says home is not where one necessarily comes from or where one lives but an environment where one gets encouragement and accepted without prejudice.

"I believe that when young people are given access to the tools they need to make their dreams come through, crime rate will reduce and families will thrive and that is what our initiative represents."

Aside inspiring a handful of Nigerian youths with what his initiative does, Akpobi want to remind privileged leaders that the future of our children isn’t just their success,  but rather, the environment they will live in when that success comes. 
An environment where young people are given opportunities to succeed will be safe for our children. That is what Ibegbulem's through his foundation is creating.

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In concluding, Akpobi says only if every leader can emulate Ibegbulem's leadership style and heart,  because leadership is not about material worth or social height. It's not about education or privileged birth. It's not about power and influence one wields. True leadership he discloses transcends accomplishments. It's all about those little impact and imprints in the lives of others.


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