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  • Updated: January 12, 2023

How Businesses Can Maximize Amazing Benefits Of IoT In 2023 

To make a difference in 2023, there is quite a lot about the Internet of Things (IoT) that businesses need a re-sensitization to maximize all of the amazing benefits.

But what really is the internet of things (IoT)?

IoT refers to a system of interrelated mechanical and digital machines, objects, animals, people, or computing devices that are provided with digitally unique identifiers (DUIDs).

Moreover, all the component units in this system must have the ability to leverage applicable protocols to transfer data over a chosen network without requiring human-to-human or human-to-computer interaction.

Interestingly, a 'thing', as applicable in the Internet of Things, can refer to someone, for example, with a heart monitor implant. 

A 'thing' can also represent a farm animal with a biochip transponder, an electric vehicle with in-built sensors for alerting a driver, for instance, when a tire pressure becomes low.

Typically, all 'things' in the system (depicted as either natural or man-made objects) will be such as to be assigned Internet Protocol or IP addresses in order to be uniquely identified within the system and be able to 'transact' for data packets' transfer over a network.

In diverse industries, organizations that understand the IoT benefits are using it to operate more efficiently and effectively.

Through the IoT, they are also able to better understand customers, deliver enhanced customer service, improve decision-making, and increase the value of the business.

How is IoT able to Accomplish all of These Benefits?

In an IoT ecosystem, web-enabled or IP-addressable smart devices use embedded systems like microcontrollers, sensors, and communication hardware, to gather, transmit and process environmentally acquired data.

An IoT input/output (I/O) architecture is such that devices can share sensor-generated data through an IoT gateway or some other edge-positioned devices through which data is sent to the cloud for local processing, storage, and sharing. 

In many cases, after proper TCP/IP 'handshake' procedures, these devices exchange data with other related devices, thereby processing all necessary information retrieved. 

From a process automation perspective, these I/O devices autonomously execute with little or zero human intervention.

Most human-device interaction occurs during device setups when instructions are fed to the smart devices or generated data is to be accessed.

Evaluating IoT's Importance to Bussiness

Thanks to the internet of things, people can actually live and work smarter and even completely control their lives. 

By using smart devices (input sensors and output actuators), IoT is used to automate home and business processes. 

This way, IoT can provide homes and businesses with real-time knowledge about how the systems are working.

Instant insights about everything are also accessed, ranging from machine performances to supply chain and logistics operations.

By enabling companies to automate processes and reduce labour costs, IoT can cut down on waste and improve service delivery, thus making goods' manufacturing and delivery cheaper, as well as enhancing customer happiness through better customer relationship management.

Curiously, the dividends of IoT are not well celebrated owing to the fact that most industry and business players are yet to understand how powerful the technology is.

IoT encompasses everyday-life technologies and is sure to gather momentum the more businesses realize how connected monitoring and controlling devices can keep them competitive.

Typical IoT Benefits to Businesses

Amongst the several IoT benefits to organizations and businesses that could be industry-specific, a few are outlined below as follows:

  • Considerable savings in labour, materials, time, and money;    
  • Empowers businesses with insights for amazing user interfaces (UI), user experiences (UX), user designs, and customer experiences (CX);
  • Employee productivity enhancement;
  • Business models and business model canvasses are easily integrated and adapted;
  • Make timely and better business decisions;
  • Making more money and profits; and
  • Monitoring and trending overall business processes on a real-time basis.


In 2023, businesses and companies needing IoT benefits must rethink the ways they embrace IoT to redefine their businesses and approach them such that the tools needed for business strategy improvement are accessible.

Moreover, complementary technologies like Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) using sensors (remote and local) and other IoT devices can be further explored.

If this is done, IoT features and benefits can be augmented for the greatest impacts on business sectors like the oil & gas, manufacturing, transportation and utility organizations, agriculture, infrastructure, and home automation industries.

Ultimately, this will lead these organizations toward an awesome metaverse ecosystem.

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