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  • Updated: Mar 05, 2021

How Extra-marital Sex With Prisca Abel Destroyed Nnamdi Kanu's Marriage, By Ifeanyi Chijioke

How Extra-marital Sex With Prisca Abel Destroyed Nnamdi Kanu

After Nnamdi Kanu visited his 'girlfriend' on Valentine’s Day and uploaded a twin picture in same colour outfit with her, he was passing a simple message to his wife who will need God’s intervention to avoid status of ex-wife.

Nnamdi Kanu’s wife has tried everything possible to control Nnamdi Kanu’s disgraceful lust; including making a sex tape that later leaked to the public. When the marriage rite surfaced on internet; it was reported that his wife was so happy because she felt it would keep the women Nnamdi Kanu was lusting after away from him.

Uchechi Kanu has done her part to endure numerous sexual scandals involving his classless husband; including a relationship involving Chioma Amaralys who was accused of becoming pregnant for Nnamdi Kanu. With an audio of Nnamdi Kanu’s wife inquiring about the pregnancy of Chioma Amaralys; it was widely believed Chioma had aborted the child before it ever became obvious. Nnamdi Kanu’s wife had a serious issue with Nnamdi Kanu which was later solved internally. It has been a marriage filled with disrespect and disgrace but she carried on. 

The lowest came after Nnamdi Kanu was released from detention in 2017. While in detention; Nnamdi Kanu had access to an android phone with which he kept in touch with people. His first Facebook page was Bash Joseph before he substituted it for Kosisochukwu Chibudo and by that means; he came in contact with a seventeen years old Precious who later had a baby for him. Precious was kept in Enugu by Nnamdi Kanu and due to the fact she was only 17years, Nnamdi Kanu did very much to keep the relationship on low key. But there were some people in the know; the likes of former Enugu state coordinator and Nnamdi Kanu’s niece etc.

Nnamdi Kanu’s niece sluggishly endorsed the relationship as she kept it secret and also was in communication with Precious but things fell apart immediately Nnamdi Kanu initiated another sexual relationship with one unknown Prisca Abel right in his father's compound.

Prisca Abel is a single mother who was based in Senegal but came back home during the peak of the struggle in 2016. She slotted herself into IPOB media where she only recorded videos as writing was a big issue for her. She became closer to Nnamdi Kanu after she had the opportunity to follow Nnamdi Kanu to all his functions and visits; running a Facebook live and that gave her undeserved followings. Due to a working presence; Nnamdi Kanu moved a bit closer and got intimate with Prisca and to the point of regularly having sex in his home with her.

Meeting up with Precious was going to be public due to the concentrated attention on his person; so, he felt that the lady next to him could be used and taken sexual advantage of- to satisfy his lust. That was how Prisca became a sex toy- being mounted every minute Nnamdi Kanu’s organ jerks. The careless or unbridled sexual desire of Nnamdi Kanu led to being caught by a couple persons in the house; but when the very Nnamdi Kanu’s niece found out about the intimate relationship with Prisca, she opposed that very one at that time.

She cited reasons she was against the sexual activities going on between Nnamdi Kanu and Prisca Abel. She complained about class; stating that Prisca Abel had no class to sleep with Nnamdi Kanu. She also cited that Prisca Abel was only a journalist working for him and it was a shame bedding her. She further said that it was an insult to his wife.

“You remember she was the person in charge of Nnamdi Kanu’s feeding; when Nnamdi Kanu began to bed Prisca Abel, she was not happy because Prisca Abel lost respect for everybody. I recall she called Prisca Abel a dirty girl and wondered how Nnamdi Kanu could be that classless to bed such a dirty girl” an IPOB security disclosed during an inquiry.

Nnamdi Kanu’s niece unable to stand the disgrace informed his wife who tried from UK to disengage Prisca from Nnamdi Kanu but it did not work until she made it open. A public spat ensued between Prisca Abel and Nnamdi Kanu’s wife which extended to Nnamdi Kanu’s niece. The public spat endured for a few weeks until intervention by few persons brought it to a halt. But everything had already been made public; Nnamdi Kanu’s niece was forced to leave his house and his struggle to date. Prisca Abel also left Nnamdi Kanu’s house and abandoned the struggle to date while maintaining a cordial relationship with him.

Uchechi saw Kanu’s extra-marital affair with Prisca as the lowest she had seen from a disrespectful and promiscuous husband. Unwilling to divorce; the anger and the shame Nnamdi Kanu had brought upon her altered the good character she had.

Information from the wife’s camp confirmed she was ready to bury the hatchet the first time Nnamdi Kanu came into UK after his release but the immoral life of Nnamdi Kanu continued and reminding her everything she had passed through in the marriage made it worse for them to stay under a roof. After many quarrels and threats to lives between the two; Nnamdi Kanu abandoned her and moved to Germany and finally in US with his new found girlfriend.

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The centre could not hold and the home fell apart; there is no ongoing effort to fix the broken home and even if the home is fixed; Uchechi might not be able to live with an immoral husband that slots anything slot-able. Every home has its peculiar problem but whenever the problem reaches its peak and divorce is not an option; living together becomes a fake life that must be used to sustain public goodwill.

Ifeanyi Chijioke is a journalist. He writes from Enugu State, South-East Nigeria.

Chijioke can be reached via [email protected]

Opinions expressed belong to the author of this article and they are not necessarily the official position of Allnews.ng


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