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  • Updated: September 11, 2022

How The Rise Of Mobile Phone Use Helped People Change Their Pastime Habits

It’s been more than a decade since smartphones took over our lives. However, some continents were not as quick to adopt this technology and mobile penetration rates are only now rising.

For instance, while Africa might not have been leading this change, countries on the continent are now getting access to smartphones thanks to lower prices of devices and services and better infrastructure that allows for faster internet.

Here are a few fun activities people can do on their phones in their free time:

Watch a movie or TV show

With streaming platforms like Netflix and Disney+ available in many African countries, it’s very easy to watch a movie or TV show.

Simply by downloading an app, users are given access to thousands of popular titles that they can watch whenever and wherever they want.

Whether it’s on the bus while commuting to work, in the bathroom, or before bed, individuals can pick what they want to watch without any hassle and enjoy the content.

Even without a subscription, there are different ways to consume content, such as via YouTube and Twitch.

Play games
In addition to watching all sorts of movies and TV shows, many people use mobile phones for gaming.

Game developers are aware of this trend and an increasing number of them are releasing titles for smartphones.

Moreover, even betting over the phone is now possible.

There are more and more betting sites and casinos, and every person in Africa can easily learn how to download the 22bet app or any other reputable app for their betting adventures.

Listen to music
Listening to music is also made much easier with smartphones.

People can either opt for a streaming platform like Spotify and have access to unlimited songs for a certain monthly fee or buy only the music they like and store it on their phones.

This means that they can listen to a playlist at the gym, on the train, or whenever they need the time to pass by faster.

Read books
Book lovers also benefit from smartphones, as there are countless apps that allow them to read books on their phones.

No matter if it’s fiction, non-fiction, or some other type of book, Africans can choose from a variety of apps and find the one with the best layout.

It can be much easier than trying to maneuver an 800-page book while there are also audiobooks that are better suited to certain individuals.

Learn a language
Often inspired by their choice of music, movies, and books, people decide to try learning a new language.

Fortunately, there are different apps like Duolingo and Babbel that make the whole process easier.

Plus, there are also countless tutorial videos on YouTube to watch.

Take quality photos
With a smartphone that has a quality camera, people who love photography but cannot afford high-end professional cameras are still able to practice their hobby.

Taking photos is easier than ever before and there are even apps for editing that can further enhance the snaps.

Scroll social media
Other apps that are very popular among smartphone users are social media ones.

While some people prefer Facebook, others are bigger fans of Twitter.

Those individuals that love photography might prefer Instagram where they can share their gorgeous nature pics although this platform is gaining more and more users every day who like to keep their friends updated about their lives and share various snaps.

Moreover, TikTok’s popularity cannot be overlooked either.

While these are best experienced through the designated app, they are also available via a browser so that even those with not a lot of storage can use them.

Talk to friends
Whether through social media apps or instant messaging, the smartphone offers countless ways to stay in touch with friends.

Whether they are in the same town in Africa or on a different continent, talking face-to-face, sending memes, and sharing snaps is within reach for everyone who has internet access.

Browse the internet
Simply browsing the internet can be a great source of fun.

From checking the news to reading various informational, educational, and entertaining articles all the way to searching for the newest apps or games to try, there is so much to do online.

Every smartphone comes with some sort of browser so everyone has access to Google or any other search engine they prefer.

Customize the phone
Lastly, even without an internet connection and any downloaded apps, people can still pass their free time by customizing their phones.

For example, everything from the home and lock screen to the alarm and phone call sounds can be personalized.

Moreover, some specifics in the settings as well as different optimization options to keep the phone running smoothly can also make the time go by faster.

With smartphones becoming more available all over the world, including Africa, it’s only normal that they changed some of our habits.

When it comes to how we spend our free time, there are countless options and the above-listed are just a few.


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