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  • Updated: January 26, 2023

How To Fight Stubborn Habits In 2023 With Self-Hypnosis App

How To Fight Stubborn Habits In 2023 With Self-Hypnosis App

Change Your Life with Self-Hypnosis Apps

As an individual from diverse backgrounds, you have grown through adulthood picking up strings of stubborn habits that have refused to let you alone after several New Year resolutions.

Perhaps too, you've already heard plenty of advice such as:

  • How to remove any addiction entirely from your life and forever
  • How to create any new lasting routine in your life that can take you to wherever you want to be
  • How to master the art of self-discipline and willpower
  • How to break your thinking patterns and transform your way of thinking
  • Bla, bla, bla!

Curiously though, for most people, this advice hasn't worked and won't even work.

Reasons? Arguably perhaps, the above menu list will demand additional work.

However, there's the latest discovery pointing to the use of hypnosis apps to curb stubborn habits.

What is a Hypnosis App?

The term hypnosis does not necessarily refer to some eerily dramatized stage act or movie scene. 

It is not also necessarily meant to be some form of entertainment but rather a technique that can help reduce pain, depression, anxiety, and phobias.

Moreover, apart from helping to reduce pain, depression, etc., hypnosis can be utilized to fight stubborn habits.

This is the main focus of today's piece. Typically, hypnosis sessions are guided by a professional hypnotist, but, thanks to today's apps, you can also either reach your desired state of relaxation or freedom from stubborn habits by applying self-hypnosis apps to your own use case.

Unlike the professional hypnotist use case which tries to address some set of negative traits, self-hypnosis is rather goal-oriented by utilizing trance-like scenarios.

Seven 2023 Self-Hypnosis Apps Worth Your Attention

Below is a list of the seven best self-hypnosis apps of 2023 that you can download on your device based on your use case.

Best Overall: Hypnobox
Best For Relaxation: Relax and Sleep Well Hypnosis
Best for Mood: Harmony Hypnosis Meditation
Best for Weight Loss: Lose Weight Hypnosis
Best for Stress Relief: Digipill
Best for Anxiety: Anxiety Free
Best for fighting Stubborn Habits: Openleaf

The Key to Succeeding With Your Resolution for Habit-Fighting 

Thanks to psychologists, we now know that the secret to achieving any goal lies in making it challenging NOT to accomplish the goal. 

So, rather than add more hurdles to scale in the bid to rid yourself of diehard habits, you will soon discover ways you can remove these hurdles and make them easier to work around such that it becomes part of your life.

Fighting Habits the App Way 

Since our focus is to help you fight stubborn habits, a little spotlighting of the Oneleaf app will do.

You will be guided through audio programs by using this app. 

You have probably concluded that quitting diehard habits such as smoking, lying, gluttony, drinking, womanizing, stealing, mugging, cheating, etc. are inconquerable! But you are wrong.

The app is designed to leverage self-hypnosis so that following various programs to quit smoking, reduce anxiety, lose weight, stop snoring, etc. would be easy.

According to the founder of this app, Eliott Cohen-Skalli:

“How to quit smoking was a topic that really mattered to me. I discovered a whole new world, and that’s hypnosis.

"And the digital experience is better than the physical one. Hypnosis is a state of relaxation and focuses at the same time.”

Going further, Cohen-Skalli opined: "The reason why it’s easier to practice self-hypnosis at home is that you’re in a peaceful and familiar environment. You are not in someone’s office sitting next to a stranger."

There is also a reason why an app might perform well in the hypnosis industry. Real-life hypnosis sessions can be quite expensive, especially in the U.S.

The app has been around for a few weeks already and feedback has been good so far.


'Old habits die hard' as the saying goes. However, it appears a new app is set to overturn this age-old mantra. 

"To fight perennial habits, you will need apps that leverage revolutionary artificial intelligence and machine learning tricks to ease people out of long-drawn habits.

If this app succeeds in eradicating habits in people, at least by 50%, then the entire world is set for partners, spouses, colleagues, leaders, subordinates, etc. beaming with positive lifestyles.

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