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  • Updated: November 24, 2021

How To Get Discovered By Top European Football Sides On Social Media

It is so easy to guess the dream of almost every aspiring Nigerian footballer. Yes, it is becoming a professional footballer plying his trade in top European leagues – giving joy to the global football family and giving sport betting aficionados matches to earn from tapping into amazing offers from bookmakers on liontips.ng.

Nigerian homeboys like Kelechi Iheneacho, Odion Ighalo, Samuel Chukwueze, and Wilfred Ndidi have abundantly shown that it is possible to progress to Europe's top football leagues from Nigeria.

But how did they achieve such feats? In most cases, they were discovered by scouts who gave such players increased visibility to searching European sides.

Of course, getting discovered by scouts is not easy. Talents – better put, outstanding talents – abound in the streets of Nigeria.

But there is one tool aspiring Nigerian footballers are not leveraging enough to get themselves discovered by top European football sides. This is social media!

Sounds ridiculous?

In our contemporary 21st-century landscape, social media is far more than learning the next viral TikTok dance or liking a picture of someone's dinner.

Social media has the audience you want

As of 2020, more than 3.6 billion people scattered across the world are using social media. This figure is projected to balloon to about 4.41 billion in the next four years.

 Social media – when leveraged correctly – can give you overwhelmingly global visibility allowing top European scouts to connect with you from the comfort of their smartphones!

 Social media is the best – and yes, cheapest place – to show off as a footballer. Show the world what you have got! 

 The truth is, you never know who is watching. It could be a hairdresser across the next street or the head of scouting at Manchester United!

 Get your football heroics on tape

When you play football, get someone to take short clips of you when in action. It doesn't matter what position you play. This could be goalkeeping, defence, midfield, or attack.

 Try as much as possible to capture those special moves you make on the pitch. Remember, if it is not on tape, it never happened. 

It would help if you can make a sizable investment in getting a camera, or more conveniently, a good camera phone. 

No, you must not spend hundreds of thousands of naira on a premium iPhone. An affordable middle-range phone with an acceptable camera could still get the job done.

Consistency is key, buddy

Don't expect your first video to go viral. You must be consistent in posting your football content. 

Keep publishing valuable content on the right social media platforms. We would advise you to concentrate your content on platforms like Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and, yes, TikTok.  

These platforms have a vast Gen-Z audience with powerful online influencers among them who can get your content on the eyeballs of important scouting officials. 

Don't miss your hashtags

Also, make sure to leverage the right hashtags when posting. Use soccer-related hashtags and also periodically juice it with trending hashtags to tap into the wave of the moment on social media.

While organic social media promotion would do, you may accelerate your promotion with paid ads if you have some money to spare.

Paid ads are enormously beneficial in expanding your reach. Remember, the larger your audience, the greater the chances of being discovered by big clubs. You can start your paid ads on a low budget and scale up as you possibly see results.


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