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  • Updated: January 16, 2023

How To Succeed In Mobile App Development Without Coding Skills

How To Succeed In Mobile App Development Without Coding Skil

Build Apps Without Coding

Before now, most applications had been developed by software engineers with good programming or coding skills.

So, back in the day, desiring to develop an app without requisite coding background was like thinking of the impossible.

Today, more no-code app builders are springing up than you probably imagine.

Somehow, the massive evolvement of no-code app builders has been linked also to the COVID-19 lockdown era.

With these no-code solutions, traditional limitations and hurdles encountered by fledgling developers have been overcome.

Because we are living in an era when applications (software) are eating the world, small and large business owners, in order to meet up with the world's voracious need for app solutions, have enforced the importance of embracing no-code app-building platforms for their business growth. 

What is a No-Code App Development?

This is a situation where no-code app builders are available using pre-made templates for building mobile apps with zero coding skills. 

By looking back in time, we would discover how app development was heavily dependent on extensive knowledge of programming languages.

Moreover, the rigorous requirements for coding were such that getting a quality mobile app the first time was nearly impossible. 

Today, thanks to no-code app building, you can make your own apps and make good money.

Requirements for Using No-Code Apps Developers

As already mentioned your coding skills or knowledge is almost insignificant when using no-code app development templates.

Provided you have internet navigation skills, using an app maker to build your app is very possible.

Fundamental Steps For Building a Mobile App Using No-code App Maker

Currently, it's considered cheaper and easier to build mobile apps using no code app maker than using the traditional app development approach. 

This is because there exist large markets for no-code tools based on pre-programmed templates allowing 'coders' to use the app.

Other App-Making Tools Online

Again, having knowledge of Android or iOS coding may give you an edge in app development, but, these days, it's no longer necessary. 

So, below are other online tools available that you can use to create professional-lev mobile apps without coding:

  • www.swiftic.com
  • www.shoutem.com
  • www.appinstitute.com
  • www.appypie.com

AllNews Nigeria recognises AppMaster as currently (perhaps) the best app maker with which business owners can scale their businesses along digitalization. 

The steps for using this app builder in creating an app are straightforward but are not covered here.

Readers are therefore encouraged to conduct independent research to learn more. 


On the issue of how to develop an app without coding skills, there is no one-size-fits-all answer to the question.

However, the best way to succeed as a mobile app developer without coding skills will vary depending on one's experience and skills. 

While enough has been hinted above on how to succeed as a mobile app developer without coding skills, nevertheless, necessary skills to help you build up tempo include learning how to use coding languages such as Java or Python and finding resources to help you understand these languages. 

Additionally, it is important to have a strong understanding of mobile app development concepts such as user interface design, user experience design, and programming logic.

Finally, it is also helpful to have experience working with mobile app development platforms such as Android or iOS. 

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