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  • Updated: June 07, 2023

How You Can Blog Without Actually Blogging Via Wordpress' New AI 

How You Can Blog Without Actually Blogging Via Wordpress' Ne

WordPress Redefines Content Generation and Blogs PHOTO CREDIT: DATACONOMY

One of the world's most widely used content management systems (CMS), WordPress is also getting into the AI-fueled content generation fever.

The company is adding JetPack AI Assistant to the WordPress platform, declaring that it will be free for everyone "for a limited time."

Moreover, according to WordPress, in the coming weeks, more features will be released, in addition to the methods that are available starting today.

Notably, WordPress' press release doesn't mention whether its AI tool is using one of OpenAI's GPT-series natural language models, or if it has partnered with another lab.

The capabilities, however, fall in line with what the likes of ChatGPT, Bing Chat, or Paragraph AI can accomplish.

Just the way users input a short prompt for generating a content using ChatGPT, the Jetpack AI Assistant relies on the same formula to provide answers.

With the advent of WordPress' new AI capabilities, you can now create engaging and informative blog content without actually writing every word yourself.

WordPress Redefining Content Generation

How You Can Utilize WordPress' AI to Produce Blog Content

  • Generate topic ideas: WordPress' AI can help you brainstorm topic ideas based on your niche or target audience. It can analyze trends, popular keywords, and user preferences to suggest relevant and engaging topics for your blog.
  • Outline your blog posts: Once you have a topic idea, the AI can assist you in creating an outline for your blog post. It can structure the content and provide you with a clear framework to follow, ensuring that your blog post has a logical flow.
  • Automate research: Researching for your blog posts can be time-consuming. With the AI's assistance, you can automate the research process. It can scan credible sources, gather information, and summarize key points, providing you with the necessary data to create well-informed blog content.
  • Generate introductory paragraphs: The AI can help you write compelling and attention-grabbing introductory paragraphs. It can analyze the topic, incorporate relevant keywords, and craft engaging opening statements to captivate your readers right from the start.
  • Provide content suggestions: If you're stuck on what to include in a specific section of your blog post, the AI can suggest content ideas. It can generate relevant subheadings, bullet points, or supporting details to enhance your writing and ensure comprehensive coverage of the topic.
  • Improve readability and grammar: WordPress' AI can analyze your content for readability and grammar issues. It can provide suggestions to improve sentence structure, eliminate passive voice, and enhance overall readability. This ensures that your blog posts are well-written and error-free.
  • Optimize for SEO: Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is crucial for attracting organic traffic to your blog. WordPress' AI can analyze your content and provide optimization suggestions. It can recommend relevant keywords, help with meta descriptions, and suggest improvements to increase your blog's visibility in search engine results.
  • Edit and proofread: The AI can assist in editing and proofreading your blog posts. It can identify spelling and grammar errors, suggest appropriate word choices, and ensure consistency throughout your content. This saves you time on manual proofreading and ensures high-quality writing.
  • Provide image suggestions: Visual content is essential for blog posts. WordPress' AI can suggest relevant images or even generate visuals based on your blog topic. It can help you find high-quality, copyright-free images to enhance the visual appeal of your blog posts.
  • Engage readers with comments: WordPress' AI can even help you engage with readers by generating relevant comments. It can analyze the content and suggest insightful comments that encourage discussion and interaction on your blog.


By leveraging WordPress' AI capabilities, you can streamline your blog content creation process, save time, and produce high-quality articles that engage and inform your audience.

While the AI can assist you in various aspects of content creation, it is still important to add your unique voice, insights, and personal touch to ensure authenticity and build a connection with your readers.

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