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  • Updated: October 25, 2022

Indicators In Forex: Their Role And Value

For novice traders, creating their strategy is seen as a complicated process. Everything is quite simple. 

At the first stage, you should understand the features of the selected asset for earnings, technical analysis, and the indicators' functionality.

That’s how online trading in 2022 is shaped.

What are indicators and what are they for?
Indicators are the main component of many trading systems. These are certain formulas of mathematical calculation that allow you to make the right trading decision. Often, the capabilities of each individual indicator are not enough to make a profit, so these price chart analysis tools are used in a complex way. Therefore, to create your own strategy and to effectively use these analytical tools, it is important to understand their features and functionality.

Indicators perform an auxiliary function for the final trading decision. The practical application of these tools is called computer analysis. In addition, there are also technical and fundamental methods of analytics. With long-term investments (from 1 month to several years), it is customary to operate with fundamental data — macroeconomic indicators and geopolitical information. 

Technical analysis is used in short-term trading and is complemented by the use of indicators to confirm the correctness of the decision made. The independent use of computer analysis is inefficient because, under the influence of market noise, programs often generate false signals, which leads to losing trades.

What Are Indicators
Any indicator used to trade selected financial assets should help the trader determine chart movement. As a result, there are high chances of making a correct assessment of the state of the market and getting a decent profit. 

Before starting work, an investor needs to make a choice whether he wants to be a trader or classify himself as a swing trader, that is, those who focus on the medium-term perspective.

For each of the options, there are specialized indicators that are designed for a specific trading strategy. It is crucial for a novice trader to choose the type of instrument because not only the quality of the signals provided but also the final income depends on it. 

To date, there are more than five varieties of indicators that will help in analyzing the market in a particular situation. However, before getting acquainted with the features of each instrument, it is worth clarifying that algorithms for charts are not direct entry signals, so you should not recklessly believe the indicator readings.

Rules for Choosing Reliable Trading Instruments
If we compare the forex chart with the classic price chart in the foreign exchange market, it is formally challenging to find differences in them. That is why the same tools used in Forex can be used to trade given financial assets. 

However, this does not mean that all of them will guarantee success in concluding deals. Therefore, before choosing a specific indicator, it is necessary to study its features and compare them with the trading strategy used for forex.

In this case, the trader does not need to make a forecast of the trend movement and determine the target points that the price can reach. In the example of the Call / Put option, we can consider the correct behavior of the investor in this situation. 

The trader's task is to calculate the price trend, that is, what position it will take: will it be higher or lower than the current level at the expiration of the transaction? 

It is worth noting that when using indicators for forex, the main goal is to guess where the price line will be. For example, if a user has purchased a Call option and the trend has risen more than 1 point above the current level, then the deal was made in profit.

Professional traders have several criteria for choosing a particular forex indicator.

Algorithm Testing
After reviewing the list of the best indicators, most investors cannot make a final choice, so they are encouraged to stop at the first device they like and conduct a suitability and compliance test. To do this, you need to set a graph, view the values ​​from the history and experiment with the settings. 

If the results satisfy the user's wishes, then you can stop at it. Otherwise, it is necessary to iterate and test the indicators until a decent method for profitable earnings appears.

Study of Technical Indicators
Experts argue that the idea of ​​using a completely unfamiliar indicator, the principle of which is not familiar to the trader, should be abandoned. Of course, each participant in the forex market has the right to choose a mathematical algorithm without researching its technical formula, but such a decision is unlikely to be successful. 

Recommendations for studying the parameters of the indicator exist so that there are no disagreements in the work process and when combining several financial instruments.

Based on the above aspects of choosing a trading indicator, you can set the following requirements that an efficient and reliable algorithm must meet:

  • Differ in ease of use. For example, the Ichimoku indicator is hardly suitable for forex, as it has fairly wide functionality.
  • Transmit clear trading signals that do not have an ambiguous interpretation. The ideal option, in this case, is the best arrow indicators for forex without redrawing, the arrows of which indicate the direction of the trend, which means they give an unambiguous signal.
  • You should not be categorical about all the indicators often used in the Forex currency market because they can also work productively on forex. For example, envelopes, moving averages, and Bollinger Bands are equally influential for two different markets.
  • When choosing an indicator without redrawing and delay for forex, the brokerage platform where the deposit account is opened is very important. This is because not all intermediaries allow trading through the MetaTrader 4 platform, a significant part of them provide their clients with web applications.

The review contains the best indicators for forex, the reliability of which is rated above average. They are available to all market participants, as they can be downloaded simply from the Internet. 

Despite the high accuracy of trading instruments, before using them on an accurate account of a brokerage platform, they must be evaluated by testing for a specific asset, expiration time, and the current market situation.

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