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  • Updated: April 18, 2022

Innovations In Betting

Today, the sports betting industry is booming, even though fans can no longer participate in the big games from the stands.

If we focus on the sports that collect the most bets, namely football, tennis, and basketball, then it is possible for everyone to try to predict the winner of the duel. But it is also possible to predict the exact final score of the match. 

Dozens of different bets appear at each sports meeting. Among the different possibilities, we can find the number of points or goals scored by the athletes or their clubs, the best player or goalscorer in team sports, the goalscorer who won the first period or the first set, the first score, the last gap between the two opponents.

Mobile Apps 

The first point that marks the influence of technology in the sports betting industry is online betting.

Indeed, players no longer need to go to a sports betting center to place their bets. Technology has made sports betting more accessible.

Now, bettors can place their bets using a computer or even a smartphone with BetWinner connected to the Internet. All they need to do is go to a platform offering this service. They are therefore no longer obliged to travel to play as everything can be done from the comfort of their home.

In addition, in order to please the players, the bookmakers set up attractive betwinner bonus systems.

For example, new players receive welcome bonuses in their accounts. And there is no shortage of promotional offers on online betting platforms.

Also, most operators in this sector have developed mobile applications to further facilitate access to betting. These provide players with the various sports fixtures they can play, the latest match updates, analysis to help them make accurate predictions, etc.

Thanks to this innovation, they can place their bet anytime, anywhere.

Virtual Reality Is At The Top

The revolution in the sports betting industry is being driven by virtual reality. This latest generation technology is of interest to more and more bookmakers who see it as an opportunity to attract more punters.

If virtual reality is so popular, it is because of the immersive experience it offers.

Indeed, punters benefit from a 360 degrees experience, thanks to the VR headsets which make them live the sporting events as close as possible. It is also possible to place bets on specific sporting aspects. 

Blockchain, Bitcoin... New Era For Payments!

Initially created to improve the banking system, blockchain technology has extended its capabilities to reach several related areas. This is how it can be found in sports betting through the inclusion of crypto-currencies during financial transactions.

Indeed, with the development of blockchain technology, these digital currencies have become approved currencies in sports betting.

This technology allows highly secure, confidential, and fast transactions. It reduces transaction costs and broadens the fiscal policies of governments, which is very attractive to bettors.

There are a lot of cryptocurrencies out there today and players are creating them every day. You have Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, and over 20 more.

But, in the context of online sports betting, Bitcoin is still the only currency that bookmakers accept. It is therefore now possible to make deposits and withdrawals in crypto-currencies on sports betting sites.

The accepted values ​​are generally Bitcoin, but other sites go further than that to accept Litecoin or Ethereum. This technology offers better security for player transactions since it is not necessary to provide banking information to perform financial transactions. 

E-Sport Revival

Sports competitions may be accessible from any location, but they often experience downtime.

Technology has therefore found a way to satisfy bettors during periods of sports truce. This solution is called electronic sport or e-sport.

This new booming business sector is already attracting video game and sports enthusiasts.

Several tournaments are organised online with many professional practitioners who compete on a virtual level. The matches are broadcast by bookmakers who offer bets to allow their customers to have fun by betting on e-sport competitions. 

Artificial Intelligence

While most bookmakers have not yet adopted it, artificial intelligence (AI) has also made its appearance in the sports betting sector.

This technology, like virtual reality, offers a different experience for every player.

To help this industry evolve, AI is revolutionising the way forecasts are made. Usually, the bettor relies on statistical data and his experience as a player to make his prediction.

With an artificial intelligence platform, the success rate of predictions increases considerably. For example, some platforms say they can predict the outcome of a sports match with around 80% success.


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