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  • Updated: October 05, 2022

James Bond: Producer Shares Update On Search For Next 007 Actor

As the question of who steps into the shoes of fictional British spy James Bond lingers, one of the producers of the franchise has shared details fans should know about.

Daniel Craig played the suave character for the last time in No To Time To Die (2021) and since then it has been speculation after speculation.

Speaking on the subject, Michael G. Wilson via a chat with Deadline at a celebration for Bond’s 60th anniversary confirmed that no decision had been reached yet on the next Bond star.

Daniel Craig in NO TIME TO DIE

“We’ve tried looking at younger people in the past. But trying to visualize it doesn’t work. Remember, Bond’s already a veteran.

"He’s had some experience. He’s a person who has been through the wars, so to speak. He’s probably been in the SAS (Special Air Service) or something.”

“He isn’t some kid out of high school that you can bring in and start off. That’s why it works for a thirty-something", he stated.

The above makes it pretty obvious that fans still have some time to wait before seeing who wears the shoes of 007.

Hopefully, that won't take too long.

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