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  • Updated: January 20, 2023

Janet Yellen: US Treasury Chief Arrives In Senegal

Janet Yellen: US Treasury Chief Arrives In Senegal

US Treasury Secretary, Janet Yellen.

The US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen on Friday arrived in Dakar, Senegal. Her trip comes a month after the US-Africa summit in Washington, D.C. 

Janet Yellen on Friday in Dakar touted her country's relationship with Africa, saying it offered more benefits than Washington's rivals.

"The United States is fully behind and fully with Africa," Yellen said at the start of a trip to Africa, one of several planned by senior Biden administration officials since the launch in December of a US offensive to reclaim influence on a continent fraught with economic and political competition between great powers.

Joe Biden has committed to making his first trip to Sub-Saharan Africa as president in December, during a conference with the leaders of 50 African countries.

Yellen stated that the visit along with that of Vice President Kamala Harris and numerous ministers will take place this year.

"Our commitment is not bargainable, it is not window dressing, and it is not short term," Yellen told an audience of entrepreneurs.

Yellen offered Africa a "partnership" in climate, health, and security development, investment, and commerce.

"It is about realizing Africa's massive economic potential  as a result of its youth, expanding population, and middle classes, she said.

"The first thing we can do for the global economy is to end Russia's illegal war without any provocation," she added.

She also mentioned China's expanding presence on the continent, particularly the over-indebtedness of several African countries to China.

"The international community, including China, must provide significant debt relief to help countries get back on their feet."

In contrast, US pledges in Africa include not just the risk of debt, but also "high standards of accountability and transparency," she added, echoing common claims of social or environmental deficiencies levelled at firms in several nations, notably China.

She also mentioned the United States' "different approach" in terms of the attention given to good governance or environmental responsibility by African governments and institutions.

Senegalese President Macky Sall was scheduled to greet Yellen on Friday evening. She is scheduled to go to Zambia and then to South Africa on Sunday.

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