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Keke Palmer: Should Husbands Have A Say In Homes Where Wives Pay The Bills?

Keke Palmer: Should Husbands Have A Say In Homes Where Wives

Keke Palmer and Darius Jackson

The Internet is buzzing thanks to Keke Palmer and her boyfriend (Darius Jackson) for giving Netizens a sneak peek into their private lives. 

In a statement that seems to be written from the heart of pain, Keke Palmer's boyfriend (Darius Jackson) said:

"We live in a generation where a man of the family doesn’t want the wife & mother to his kids to showcase booty cheeks to please others & he gets told how much of a hater he is.

"This is my family & my representation. I have standards & morals to what I believe. I rest my case. "

A screenshot of Jackson's Twitter post before he deleted his account.

Build Up to Social Media Judges, Courts, Gossip and Standards

Earlier today, Darius Jackson decided to let the judges and courts of Twitter advocate in a case he couldn't handle alone. 

Obviously, he had chastised the mother of his kids (Keke Palmer) for the kind of outfit she was putting on to a concert being organised by Usher. 

However, Keke Palmer being a baddie simply rebuked her boyfriend, by outrightly ignoring and disobeying him why putting on the same dress Daulton had chastised her about. 

This disobedience enraged Jackson who took to Twitter to lay bare his grievances. Trust the coalition of Twitter to have a say on the issue while being the judge and the jury. 

Twitter Courts, Judges, Gossip and Standards

While Jackson openly lay bare his family's private life on social media, it didn't come as a surprise to many of us, that  Netizens, especially the ones on Twitter will become judges and juries, gossiping and setting standards on the couple's private lives. 

Twitter users have had a lot to say on the issue while taking the sides of whoever among the couple fits into their lifestyle and opinion. 

While some earnestly support Jackson, others have taken sides with Keke Palmer. 

While some refused to take sides, they have gone ahead to set an invisible standard, affirming their sentiment on the issue. 

The Twitter Boxing Ring: Keke Palmer's Supporters VS Darius Jackson's Supporters

It is the Wild West on Twitter between those who believe that Keke Palmer is in the right and those who believe that Darius Jackson is ethical. 

For Palmer's supporters, they went for the jugulars of Jackson's supporters asserting that he had no right to tell Palmer how to dress or what to wear for any occasion given the fact that Keke Palmer provides for the family. 

Keke Palmer

They further assert that Jackson shouldn't be having a say in his matrimonial home if he isn't the one providing for the family. 

However, Jackson's supporters were not having any of the assertions of Palmer's supporters. 

Jackson's allies came with their swords and axes disguised in different opinions to set their jugulars free from the grip of Keke Palmer's supporters. 

Darius Jackson's allies asserted that it was only right for him to speak up and tell the mother of his kids what he likes and what he does not. 

Darius Jackson stepping out with Keke Palmer

They continued further acknowledging that Jackson is the head of the house and family, hence, he has the right to tell his girlfriend (Keke Palmer) what and what not to wear to occasions even though Palmer happens to be the one providing for the family. 

Should Husbands Have A Say In Their Homes Where The Wives Pay The Bills?

For many, the above question will split their relationship or friendship depending on what their opinion of the question says. 

However, let's get to the fact and the utter truth from the perspective of the Nigerian community and African society in general. 

In as much as we are chronically religious as Nigerians, and traditionally deeply rooted to our culture the answer to the above question is a capital YES. 

A good percentage of Nigerians are religious and culturally inclined, hence, we are tackling the question on the ground of religious morals and cultural ethics. 

Using religiosity and tradition, a husband should and would always have a say in his matrimonial home even though he doesn't pay the bills in the house. 

If the wife is richer and provides for the family, that shouldn't call for her to disrespect the husband as she deems fit. 

It is only right to see the husband as a partner and not as someone inferior to her because she pays the bills in the house. 

However, do not get me wrong, in my own opinion, this applies to a reasonable husband who knows what it means to be a husband to his wife, not the one who fornicates, beat the wife or even neglects his duties when he is capable of doing those duties.

Putting in final words, it is only right to state that Keke Palmer outrightly disrespecting the father of her children shouldn't stand and should not be condoned by people who see reasons in religiosity and cultural ethics especially in Nigeria and Africa as a whole. 

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