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'King Of Boys' 2 Episode 5 Review: Let The Games Begin

Toeing the way of the previous chapter, the fifth episode of King of Boys 2 features some of the key players begin to make the necessary moves against Alhaja Eniola Salami as the journalist who is bent on exposing the truth about her return cheats death.

Dapo (the journalist) meets with Gobir to help him with the story of the 'King of Boys' but the latter has already decided to wash his hands off the case he was involved in.

The returning Makanaki goes to a witch doctor to fortify himself in preparation for the battle ahead while Odugwu Malay calls an emergency meeting with his fellow warlords to address the issue of someone attacking their warehouses and stopping Salami once and for all.

A letter bomb meant for Dapo ends up exploding in the wrong hands and killing someone else, and his boss advises him to drop the story.

But perhaps the most shocking revelation in this episode is Salami's closest confidant and bodyguard, Ade Tiger, working secretly with a mysterious individual in what might mean betrayal for his boss. Naturally, everyone has their motives and this could spell doom for the protagonist in the long run.

The downside of this chapter is that the narrative shifts away from Salami, focusing more on her adversaries. While it does help in the exposition of the plot, the charismatic presence of the heroine is sorely missed.

Charly Boy as Odudubariba gets limited screentime here (he was absent in the previous episode) and his menacing presence and remarkable persona is a welcome substitute for the mostly absent Salami.

The intrigue and intricate nature of the story, coupled with the commitment of the actors shine through, making this episode worth every second.

The camera angles and scene transitions are well done (Kemi Adetiba has a good eye for these things) and the lighting in some of the night scenes is a bit much but not bad.

Episode five of the saga builds on the remarkable imprint left by the former and I look forward to a well-executed climax in the last episodes.

Episode Rating: 7.5/10.



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Sydney Elike
Sydney Elike

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