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  • Updated: April 07, 2023

Lance Reddick: Late Star's Attorney Slams Reports Of Heart Disease

As Hollywood stars continue to mourn late John Wick actor Lance Reddick, his attorney James Hornstein has slammed recent reports of his death being linked to heart disease.

Reddick unexpectedly breathed his last on March 17, 2023, after he was found unresponsive by his wife.

Per a coroner's report published earlier this week via TMZ, the actor's demise is traceable to ischemic heart disease and atherosclerotic coronary artery disease.

While the former is a condition in which blood flow (and thus oxygen) is restricted or reduced in a part of the body, the latter is a buildup of plaque in arteries in or leading to the heart.

Lance Reddick and Keanu Reeves in JOHN WICK 3

Calling the recent reports baseless, Hornstein stated that the coroner's statement as it appears on his death certificate “is not a result of an autopsy”.

He added that there was no autopsy on Reddick, to begin with.

Speaking on behalf of the late star's widow Stephanie, Hornstein said: “The death certificate information is not corroborated and is inconsistent with the facts known to the family.”

Reddick and his wife Stephanie

He further maintained that Reddick was unlikely to have any of the two illnesses mentioned in his death certificate.

“To my knowledge, no medical examination of Lance during his lifetime ever indicated such conditions. Lance was the most physically fit person I’ve ever known. 

“He exercised daily at his home gym, including extensive cardio work, and the availability of gym facilities was a contractual requirement for his work away from home.

“He ate as if a dietician was monitoring his every meal. The information appearing on the death certificate is wholly inconsistent with his lifestyle.”

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