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  • Updated: December 09, 2022

Live Betting: How To Place Winning Bets

Live betting is a feature often offered by sportsbooks these days, but what is the deal with it? Well, there is actually a really tangible reason why it is so popular at the moment.

In this article, we will tell you all about live betting, how to make it profitable, and why it might make you a millionaire.

What Exactly Is Live Betting?

Live, or in-game, betting is a form of sports wagering in which you place a stake during the course of the game as opposed to pre-match betting, in which you wager before the game begins. It is usually preferred by more experienced punters because it requires a great deal of skill to execute successfully. But there is nothing stopping you from trying it out, even if you are just a beginner. There are a few notable benefits as well as downsides to live betting, however.

Live Betting: Pros
Probably the greatest benefit of in-game betting is that it allows you to seize the moment and capitalise on the crucial events of the game, leading to increased winnings due to the greater odds.

Another positive factor is psychological rather than tangible. It's the dynamicity and excitement that live betting provides. It is customary for many punters to feel boredom and a certain staleness after they have been wagering for some time. Live betting is a nice solution to this problem since you are not just wagering and waiting for the outcome, but rather you are doing so in a constantly fluctuating environment where you have to adapt and look for just the right moment to take it all in.

Last but not least, live betting offers an excellent opportunity for wagering on bad lines. Usually, this is not the case, and by doing so, you will never win; however, when it comes to in-play betting, staking on a seemingly losing side might be quite advantageous if you are sure that they are going to win against the odds.

However, live betting does have some notable drawbacks as well.

Live Betting: Cons
There aren't many drawbacks to live betting, but there are a few that should be mentioned.

First among them is the high skill ceiling. To actually win something on the in-play bets, you will have to have pretty good general knowledge of sports betting in general, i.e., the sport on which you are betting, the teams, and the players. A developed analytical mind will also be required if you want to be able to predict the outcome of the game in mere seconds.

The second drawback is the fact that some of the betting markets, such as halves, will not be available to you since it would be unfair to let punters bet on something that has already happened or is highly likely to happen in a short span of time.

The Easiest Way to Make Money on Live Betting
There is an easy set of rules you should follow to make sure your in-play betting is profitable. They are:

  • Knowledge is the key

Having knowledge is generally great for success in sports betting, but it is innumerably more important when it comes to live betting. As we have already said in the paragraph above, the vast amount of knowledge required for live betting is quite a drawback, and the only way to overcome it is to acquire said knowledge as quickly as possible.

  • Pick the right bookie

A very important step indeed. The sportsbook on which you will bet should be reliable, easy to access, and have great odds, and not many of the Nigerian bookmakers have it all. The one that does is SportyBet, a trustworthy bookmaker with an extensive history. To learn more about them, you may refer to this article:https://betguide.ng/bet-with-sportybet/

  • Analyse everything

A keen eye as well as a sharp mind are necessities for live betting. Through careful analysis, you will be able to take advantage of every situation and will never be caught off guard if something unexpected happens during the game.

  • Know your limits

Although betting is fun and sometimes it is quite hard to stop, you should always set a limit for yourself. This will help you avoid losing money, keep things fresh, and most importantly, save you from falling down an ugly path known as gambling addiction. Trust us, it’s not pretty at all. Check out this piece to learn more about problem gambling and what to do in case you have encountered it. 

In Conclusion
Live betting is genuinely a great way to make your wagering more interesting and way more profitable when compared to regular pre-match betting. If you are feeling bored with regular wagers and would like to spice things up a little, you should definitely check it out. Who knows? Maybe you will become a millionaire from that. 

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