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  • Updated: September 17, 2022

Maharj Ji Describes Ngige As European In African Body

Maharj Ji Describes Ngige As European In African Body

Satguru Maharaj Ji

Satguru Maharaj Ji has described the Minister of Labour, Chris Ngige as a European puppet in black skin.

This is as he alleged that Ngige was showing lackadaisical and non-chalant attitude towards education in the country's universities and to set us back.

Maharaj Ji, who described himself as The Living Perfect Master also said, the duo of Ngige and Minister for Education, Adamu Adamu were not concerned about the university education system in Nigeria because they were not interested at all in changing the present economic stagnation for good.

He made this known on Saturday in a press statement signed by his spokesperson Ojo Mogbadewa and made available to journalists.

"Nigerians should ask these ministers where their children are?

"Why would they be serious in the face of the ongoing strike in the nation's universities when all their wards are busy attending studies everyday without any hitch?

"So you can’t rule out counterfeit lawyers, doctors, engineers etc. whose lust to deceive the world is now given a boost by the likes of Ngige, the failed Presidential Aspirant and Adamu who must have graduated from federal character university of Almajiris.

"The academic performance of students is adversely affected, and the entire educational system is almost crippled.

"These result in half-baked students and graduates who lack the basic skills necessary to survive dynamic environment like Nigeria and the rest of the world.

"How do we account for the level of moral decadence and financial recklessness that have bedeviled the rank and file of the society over this period?

"What of the psychological trauma caused both students, parents/guardians for this long period of complicity by Government?

"Most parents and students have lost interest in the educational system in Nigeria, as those who can afford education outside the country have started making moves towards it.

"The rich who can afford private varsities sends their kids there, where their academic calendar is unaffected, the poor who cannot afford it tends to spend more years on campus as a result of strike.

This makes the rich kids graduate before the poor kids and as a result of this be ahead in some aspects of life.   

"The strike has caused many to be idle, like the popular saying, 'An idle man is the devil's workshop' while some are cashing up the situation to be crooked."

According to Maharaj Ji, the effect of ASUU strike has been devastating to the Nigerian university system by watering down the equality of education offered to Nigerian students which has at best been mediocre. 

"In one of the publications recently, President Buhari said the only legacy he can give his children is education.

"Is he right or is this an ambiguity from the Revered State House or a hallucination, where with two oil wells, the educational sector in the country will be taken care of without experiencing any strike again."

He said both the Minister of Education and Minister of Labour must, as a matter of urgency, address and find lasting solution to the problem relating to the lingering ASUU strike, or resign into oblivion.

"There is therefore, the need for the President to reshuffle the present Cabinet of Ministers to avoid any unpleasant situation whereby we would be producing half-baked doctors, lawyers, etc.

"Since the citadel of learning, the beacon of a sound economy is being handled without respect, regard and feeling for life and the zeal for political diligence in a country so humongously blessed with all it takes to lift us from wretched life which was not even our lot before independence.

"President Buhari should sack the two ministers involved now and please reshuffle the cabinet for new hands, to save the country and economy from collapsed.

"President Buhari should form any government now."

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