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Make Your Exes Drool With These Amazing Pre-Wedding Shoot Ideas

Weddings are such a big deal in Nigeria, and of course, we all want to make them memorable. I mean, why not? After kissing seven frogs before finally finding your prince charming, doesn’t it just feel right to make sure that you show your “village people” that what God cannot do does not exist? Don't you and your partner want your exes to see that you won at last?

Forget about being petty, you definitely want to flaunt your wins to that maths teacher from secondary school that said you won't make it. After everything life threw at you, here you are, about to walk down the aisle with the man or woman of your dreams.

One of the best ways we’ve made these statements has been the pre-wedding shoot — works like a charm!

In case you were wondering what a pre-wedding shoot is, it’s simply a photoshoot by the intended couple prior to the wedding day. Some photographers insist on calling it 'Engagement Shoot'. Whatever. It’s an excellent way of telling your beautiful love story using pictures.

Since it’s not yet the actual wedding, you do NOT wear your wedding suit/dress for a pre-wedding shoot. Instead, you choose whatever outfits tickle your fancy, and could possibly help reflect your personalities and your relationship with one another.

With that being said, hear me out: after all those heartbreaks, vigils, endless visits to Shiloh, and praying for the perfect partner to walk your life journey with you, don't you feel it is necessary that you go over the board with your pre-wedding shoot?

As the saying goes 'Go big or go home'. Trust me, you don't want to do “regular” because regular is boring. To help you, I have compiled a list of mind-blowing pre-wedding shoots that would even make your exes wash one plate for 5 hours because it’ll suddenly dawn on them that they lost a diamond while searching for stones.

Pre Wedding ShootYou remember that wedding vows that say 'till death do us part' right? Marriage is a do-or-die affair, once you are in, there is no coming out. Trust me, there is no other way to show the world that you are forever locked with your partner than using this concept as your photoshoot theme.

Pre-Wedding Shoot

You know how wives divorce their husbands when the going gets tough. NO! That is not the kind of wife you will be. And how else do you let him and his family know that you will be supportive irrespective of the ups and downs the union comes with? My dear, go with this idea.

Remember that R Kelly's song 'I believe I can fly? You have to make the world know that you are capable of making your man fly and you would go to any length to do that, even as far as embracing witchcraft.

This is just the perfect pre-wedding shoot that shows his family and the world that the son of man is safe under you. You should totally try this idea, highly recommended.

Pre Wedding Photo

Ephesians chapter 5 verse 22 says "Wives, submit to your husbands as to the Lord." You are a Christian and you intend to act every bit of it, right? This shoot is your shot. No amount of beating will take away that submission from you.

Pre Wedding Shoot

Others lost him because they refused to see his potentials. That will never be your portion. Show the world that even if he is stuck on a palm tree, you are willing to cheer him up and push him all the way to the top.

Pre Wedding Shoot

This photoshoot idea right here shows that you are willing to go anywhere including under the ocean to fight for the love of your life. 

It was your flexibility and acrobatic skill that got you that ring, yeah? Flaunt it. Show them. One is not meant to cover the grace of God in one's life.

As an unrepentant Nigerian feminist that you are, what other way would you show the whole world that you are not walking into a marriage where you cannot assert your dominance? One mistake, just send him straight to his father's house. PERIODT!

Well, I'll leave this to your imagination as I don't exactly understand what is going on here.


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