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  • Updated: Dec 02, 2020

Maneuvering Christmas Traffic: 5 Best Ways You Can Enjoy The Festivity

Maneuvering Christmas Traffic: 5 Best Ways You Can Enjoy The

 Why let the traffic nightmare deprive you of your enjoyment in the mood of Christmas Celebration when you can maneuver Christmas traffic.  

Christmas celebration is meant to be fully enjoyed with all the ecstacy that comes with it, such as visiting friends, spending time with loved ones, family members, collegue at work, business assiociate and many more at a cool resort centers

But in all of this, you won't want to be caught spending time in Lagos traffic with about 13, 903, 620 people, it will definitely feel like a nightmare, you get there exhausted, tired and fatigue and you won't end up enjoying the stay.

Because traffic and Lagos’s roads have become two peas in a pod, Siamese twins, inseparable cord! How then do you enjoy the merriment of Christmas celebration without maneuvering the traffic.

However, you may be thinking how do you maneuver Lagos traffic gridlocks amidst this celebration. Not to worry, we addmitted Lagos is the most populous city in Nigeria and we have devised a means for people to commute safely and quickly amidst the traffic congestion.

The Best Way To Maneuver Christmas Traffic

Here are different ways to quickly maneuver christmas traffic in Lagos.

1. Timing 

2. Google Map

3. Meritime Transport

4. Traveling Aganist Rush Hour Traffic 

5. Traffic App Download


Timing is one of the major way to navigate Christmas traffic in Lagos, remember that during Christmas celebration, it is a norms for all roads to be blocked due to people traveling far and near to get the glimpse of the festivity.Therefore, your movement should be timed between those peak traffic hour.

As most traffic queues are caused by too many cars on the same roads at the same time. If you can travel outside the peak times, you can easily miss them.

Hence, it is advisable you move when the rush hour traffic is assumed to be less since there will be an outward traffic surge from a densely populated residential area at the early and late hour of the day mostly. So timing yourself within those time will be a great asset for you.

Google Map

Majority of people have smart phones but don't know how to make use of the Google Map. Google Map is your friend, so during the Christmas celebration before you start your amazing trip to different places to greet your love ones, plan your trip with useful information from the Google Map.

 This way, you can know when to leave, what traffic to expect, which route to take, and if there are any disruptions along the way. Aside from locating places for you, Google Map also help you with traffic and transit information all in one spot.

Do you know that Google Map App is a preloaded Mobile Friendly App installed on all andriod smart phones i.e it came with every andriod phone you purchase

So to get started using Google Map App, you will need to first of all open the Google Map App on your Andriod or Tablet phone by clicking on the application.

After you must have click on the app, you will search for the location you are going or tap it on the map direction provided on your phone screen.

At the bottom left of your phone, you will see a direction icon button, tap the direction icon or simply hold the button firmly for you to start navigating through the map to get more places around the location you are searching for.

However, The google map will ask you to choose a starting point, simply where you are coming from to where you are going to. for examples going to Ogba from Ikeja

To add additional destinations to your search, go to the top right corner of your phone and tap more, this icon comes with a three dots sign carefully palced at the right corner of the Google Map App. Here you can add up to 9 stops and when you are finished you tap the DONE button.

Thereafter, you will choose one of the following options you are provided with, which includes, driving, transit, walking, rides and cycling. So as a driver or owner of a car that is trying to maneuver the Christmas traffic and get to the location on time, you will need to click on the driving option.

At this junctions, if there are other routes that leads to your location is available, it will be shown in a gray colour on the map. i.e leading you to follow an alternative route, to do so, tap or click on the gray line.

You tap/click the start botton to start navigation, but when you see 'searching for GPS' that means your phone is trying to get GPS signal.

You can simply go to the bottom left and tap close if you want to stop or cancel navigation.

Meritime Transportation

This is yet another amusing way to maneuver traffic during the festive season, most especially Christmas celebation. Traveling by water to see or visit your loved ones in different part of the states is a memory that will linger for long.

Although, it is regarded the cheapest and oldest means of transportation, but the fun you derived from cruising in the water is much more than its money.

You can even organize cruise boat vacations for your family member during this Christams season to have lot of fun, merriment and jollification by simply cruising on a boat, ship, ferry and many more.

With this form of transportation, you and your family won't be passing through the stress of being stock in the Christmas traffic for hours.

Traveling Aganist Rush Hour Traffic 

At this point, i will say know when to leave your home and when to simply stay put, you might need to study the traffic system properly before you schedule time for the christmas meeting celebration.

Make sure that when you are moving out of your house during the Christmas holiday, you are always moving against the traffic because that is the simplest way to enjoy your trip to and fro or else you may find yourself in a situation you may not be able to control. 

It is no longer news that during Christams celebration, everywhere is usually blocked, cars will be kissing each other bumper to bumper and even foot traffic will be slowed down on the road, cars will spread everywhere like ants and the road network will be thrown in omnishambles.

Research has shown that traffic congestion contribute immensely to a driver's mental health and stress level. Spending long hours in traffic can also lead to back pain and exposure to pollution which undermines the level of satisfaction within every given society. 

Lagos traffic is caused due to reasons everyone is familiar with, such as the rising population, increase in the number of cars, bad roads, and lack of developed sea-ports in other parts of Nigeria to name a few.

Traffic Apps Download

Having a traffic app on your smartphone is an absolute necessity because no one wants to be stuck in traffic during the Christmas fiesta. Most especially if you are traveling out of Lagos or into Lagos during this period.

Over the years, Lagos State has been synonymous with traffic and the situation is getting worse and unbearable for commuters day in day out with an increase stress levels.

That is why downloading of traffic mobile apps like Gidi Traffic, Mapquest,Traffic Radio, Traffikator, Traffic Spotter, Apple App, Road Peer, Inrix, Waze, can help you navigate your way through during this special season, 

This traffic functions are usually integrated into existing navigation apps, giving you real-time estimates of travel time and in some cases, real-time traffic situations and alternate routes.



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