Mide Martins Features In Mr Macaroni's Skit

Nollywood actress Mide Martins has featured in a new Mr Macaroni skit. 

As is her modus operandi, she embodied her signature ‘chaotic’ character in the skit.

Mr Macaroni had brought her home in a previous skit as a new wife, thinking she was a normal woman, until she unleashed her ‘madness’ and sent Mummy Wa, Mr Macaroni's wife, packing.

In the new skit, Mr Macaroni brought home his politician friend, played by Korex, without really giving him hints about Mide beforehand.

She played nice initially and even went as far as offering Korex a drink.

However, all hell went loose when Korex changed the channel from Zeeworld to a news channel.

The switch from a welcoming woman to her chaotic character was swift and Korex was sent away after getting some punches in his big stomach.

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