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  • Updated: December 23, 2021

Miss Nigeria: Hisbah’s Selective Preaching

Miss Nigeria: Hisbah’s Selective Preaching

Hisba Commander and Miss Nigeria

Reports in Kano on Wednesday evening flooded social media and online news outlet that Kano State Hisbah has arrested the parents of Miss Nigeria, Shatu Garko on their daughter’s participation in the pageant.

Some captions for the story reads:

“Islamic Police, Hisbah To Interrogate Parents Of New Miss Nigeria, Shatu Over Participation In Beauty Pageant”

“Hisbah to grill Shatu Garko’s parents over ‘illegal’ participation in Miss Nigeria”

“High drama as Hisbah probes Shatu Garko’s parent for participating in Miss Nigeria pageant”

Most captions even hinted that the parents have been arrested.

Could these captions be misleading? Or even provocative, given that the world is on edge waiting for an ‘Islamic’ reaction to a ‘modern’ issue?

Northerners, especially Muslim Northerners have from the day Garko was announced Miss Nigeria had divided opinions, for some, Islam doesn’t allow for indecency- something that is done on the streets and homes every day without heads turning as much. Others believe it is her life and has the right to live her way.

18 year old Shatu Garko emerged Miss Nigeria on Friday evening

Some prominent Northers like former Kaduna senator, shehu sani and activist Aisha Yesufu were quick to take to social media condemning hisbah for commenting on the matter.

But what did Hisbah actually say?

In an audio that AllNews had access to, the commander of Kano state Hisbah board, Dr. Harun Muhammad Ibn Sina said they plan to invite her parents and “preach” to them as a reminder that Islam forbids things that encourage the tiniest iota of indecency, something Islam has tagged as ‘haram’, meaning prohibited?

As Muslims, the rules are clear and must be followed. That however doesn’t mean followers of Islam don’t relapse every day with each day bringing its own struggle of faith and hope to get back on track- this goes for all Muslims and Shatu Garko is not an exception.

Why is Shatu Garko so important?

Garko has crossed a threshold many secretly admire from a distance; this could embolden some of teenagers and young adults to pursue similar paths. But like MURIC mentioned, the pageant replicates some Big Brother Naija elements, a program many Nigerians, Muslims and non-Muslim alike have condemned several times.

Shatu could be a pathfinder for other youngsters, thus Hisbah decided to ‘advise’ against it before it goes out of hand completely.

But what is wrong with Hisbah’s approach?

Is it the fact that it spoke when on many occasions, the board has been blind, deaf and dumb when ‘powerful’ Muslims do similar or worse activities, or that it had to tell the world that it will ‘advise’ and ‘remind’ the parents of Garko?

In the audio, the Hisbah commander specifically mentioned how Islam frowns at exposing dresses as it encourages immorality?

Has the board been blind to the children of kings and mighty politicians' sense of fashion or have they chosen to be selective on who needs to hear the word of God?

Until the double standards stop, utterances like this would always imprint the worng impression, especially on non-muslims watching from the sideline.

AllNews would be watching the next steps Kano Hisbah board decides to take on this matter and all others as they unfold.


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A'isha Ahmad
A'isha Ahmad

Kano based Nigerian  Broadcast journalist, writer, reseacher. You can reach out via [email protected]

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