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  • Updated: January 18, 2023

Nigerian Law System: Tool Working Mostly Against Poor People

Nigerian Law System: Tool Working Mostly Against Poor People

Federal High Court

Maybe the law should take its course despite its flaws. It empowers Justice Mojisola Dada to sentence a vulcaniser to the graveyard while our political thieves are relishing at their vineyards. 

Struggling 32-year-old Chidozie Onyinchiz was condemned to death by hanging for robbing a nurse of N57,000 on Tuesday but high-profile political thieves looting our public treasury for uncountable days have been left unchecked. 

The law is sharp on the prosecution of the vulnerable but blunt when trying money launderers.

From conspiracy to armed robbery, the poor people wouldn't escape the lot.

The Davids of Nigerian politics benefit immensely from the rot.

Our judges could be funny calling a local tortoise cunning. Obviously, 57K stealing Onyinchiz is a member of an unlawful society.

I hear the crack of the tyres of bandits enjoying presidential pardons and living happily in terrorising societies. 

Our vulcanizer will be hanged for being armed with a pair of scissors; the Nigerian justice system is just like a seesaw.

Our law has a structure composed of a plank, balanced in the middle, used as a game in which one person goes up as the other goes down.

You can read this truth and frown or complain all over the town.

The rule goes hard on certain sections but gets soft on a few people easy to mention. Annoyingly, only those who cut the shot won't eat our poisonous law hot.

In fairness, no one taps a thief on the back, whether he steals a pin or stacks money in polythene.

A forceful snatching of a bag containing N57,000 at Akesan Bus Stop is a crime. But the judgement would be ridiculously disheartening hearing that the money is not worth what some political opportunists have stolen in this country.

The same law hits the poor in the jaw while seamlessly handling hardened criminals freedom of choice.

The law is a toothless bulldog which could punish a thief of less than 200 US dollars to death by hanging and pray may God have mercy on his soul but would give political buccaneers of over 200 million dollars ample time to appeal.

Have you seen the manifestos of the frontrunner presidential candidates for the upcoming election?

None of them is prepared to end the uncontrolled immunity the political class enjoy.

They all promise empty joy, not bothered about the gap in our justice system, they are not worried about the inequities baffling national punishment from the root to the stem.

A car can't race on the sea. The law is justifiably deficient considering what we hear and see.

It is the leveller for the haves and the lever to bang on the serfs.

How will the giant of Africa move an inch when powerful law offenders walk over the law like a cinch?

We can't take this anymore as a people! The law tries to prove its efficiency within the poor ranks and becomes very lenient with the think tanks. 

We won't have the Nigeria of our dreams if we have creams rubbing the upper class with pleasure and steam.

The same law in the twinkle of an eye punctures the eyes of the low lives because they don't have the financial saw to break the ice. 

The law should be the weapon for everyone to get justice. Even to convict an erring Chief Justice.

It shouldn't be a sword with two sides but with varying degrees of vice.

The sharp side for the scapegoats and the blunt for the real goats looting our benefits with their Agbadas and big coats. 

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