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  • Updated: June 15, 2020

Nigerian Woman Cries Out After She Was Brutalised By A Foreigner

Nigerian Woman Cries Out After She Was Brutalised By A Forei

A 44-year-old woman identified as Victoria Marcus has pleaded with the Federal and Lagos state governments to come to her rescue following the horrific assault she got from her German neighbour, Knoop Jens in an estate in Apapa.

According to Victoria, her travail started on December 16, 2018, when she made a comment that drew the attention of Jens lover, Ehehiye Marayah, who is from the Republic of Benin to a complaint made against them but was shocked to be welcomed with brutality and hostility.

She added that she however reported the case to the Trinity Police Station after the German expatriate and Ehehiye Marayah, attacked her and stabbed her on her left palm.

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The 44-year-old Victoria noted that the case has however been charged to court but despite that, the couple will seize every opportunity to attack her and insult her in the estate.

Victoria narrated,  “ My husband is an expatriate, who works with a company in Nigeria. We have been married for 15 years and we live at an estate in Apapa, designated for the staff of the company. 

“My travail started on December 16, 2018, when I went to the estate restaurant to have a plate of pepper-soup. I and a few neighbors met and were having a conversation. One of us complained about the fact that people contribute money to picnics, yet, when they get there, they don’t get food to eat. I called the attention of Jens’ lover to the matter because the picnics often held at their beach house. She flared-up and started ranting. 

“Jens who was not too far from the table where we sat, came close and on hearing the matter, became violent. He picked a bottle, broke it and was heading towards me, but the people there stopped him, he picked another and they stopped him again. People pleaded with him to be calm and let the matter pass. 

“He acted as though all was well and walked to the table where I sat to also take a seat. But I was shocked when he got to the table, he picked a bottle, broke it, and was aiming for me. I wanted to run but fell. He rushed to me and wanted to stab me in the abdomen, but I covered my abdomen with my left hand and he stabbed me on my palm. He wanted to grab my neck, but a neighbor rescued me. 

“The stab wound affected the nerves in that hand and to date the hand is numb, shrinking,  and I have lost usage of the hand. I reported the case at the Trinity Police Station. Three months into the investigation of the matter, Jens sent people to me to ask how much I wanted, he never came to say he was sorry for what he did, so I refused his financial compensation because I wanted justice. I know a Nigerian cannot go to his country and do the same.

“ He even met me on one occasion and boasted that if I decide to go to court, the case will remain in court for seven years, that I was only wasting my time because seeking justice in Nigeria is an effort in futility. He practically made a mockery of our judiciary. Jens also did a petition to the State Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS), Lagos State Police Command, alleging that I was the one that sent a four-man gang to attack him, just to victimize me. But fortunately, the case at the police division was transferred to SCID, and upon the advice of the  Directorate of Public Prosecution (DPP), the case was charged to court in August 2019. ”

Speaking on the most recent attack, Victoria added, “The lockdown occasioned by Coronavirus pandemic stalled the case. But it was like the lockdown also brought me more trouble, as whenever Jens or his lover set eyes on me, they would start abusing me, and because I know we have a case in court and also did not want more trouble I would pretend I did not hear them and just walk away. 

“However, on June 5, my husband and I went to the staff bar within the state to get a bottle of drink. We met Jens and Marayah there. I walked to the fridge to get drinks, while my husband got space for us. Marayah walked up to me and started another session of insult. I choose not to answer and concentrated on the drinks I came to pick.

“She started using her buttocks to hit my body and she asked her friend to video record the act. I also chose to video record her but was shocked when Jens appeared, grabbed my hand, and asked Marayah to snatch my phone and smash it on the ground. Immediately she did. 

“They had a male friend in their company, whom Jens ordered to grab my neck, he did and strangled me. Thank God my husband and a few others in the bar came to my aid and recused me. Jens even called out my husband for a fight, which my husband refused to give in. The security men ordered Jens and his lover to leave as they were not staff of the company and did not qualify to use the bar.

“I went to Trinity police station to report the assault. But later that day, when I had retired home, I was shocked to see Jens and Marayah standing by the fence of my compound. They were insulting me and my husband. Marayah kept saying Jens will kill me, and I don’t want to die now. Jens also told me to my face that he will kill me during this lockdown so that the case we have in court will die a natural death. He said by the time he kills me, he will know who will give evidence in court. 

 “The Nigerian government should come to my aid. My life is being threatened by this foreigners, I had even gone to make a report to NIS on this matter, and Jens’ lawyer who came with him when he was invited told NIS it was a civil matter being handled by the police. 

“I am tired and need urgent help. I am a Nigerian and I see no reason why foreigners would be making me live in fear in my own land when I have done nothing wrong to them, ” she said.


When Jens was contacted, he refuted all allegations made against him by Victoria claiming that she is a liar and will not want to say anything as the case has already been taken to court.

“Victoria is a liar, and there is nothing to say about the matter. I did not touch her, she was the one who attacked me, she started this rubbish. I don’t know why she is going this far on this matter. It was not me that smashed her phone either. We already have a matter in court, and I know anything that I say may be used against me in court or at the police, that will also make the story bigger.” Jens said.

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