North Korea rebuilding rocket sites: What does this mean

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Hey, North Korea - what's up? What are you doing?

As the correspondent for the Koreas, I find myself asking those questions a lot, no more so than now after the much-anticipated Hanoi summit ended without reaching a deal on denuclearisation.

Most of the world's media have no free access to North Korea, and Kim Jong-un's Ryongsong Residence isn't really taking calls from journalists. The best any analyst or correspondent can do is read the signals coming from Pyongyang.

And in the past week we've had a flurry of them. This has led many to believe that Kim Jong-un is reaching for the stars and is getting ready to launch a satellite. Is he? And if he is, surely that would send a very different message to the charm offensive of the last year which led to several historic summits.

It started with reports from the South Korean intelligence service which suggested work was taking place at Sohae, one of North Korea's main rocket launch sites.


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