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  • Updated: July 18, 2023

Pregnancy: Debunking Five Myths About Preventive Measures

Pregnancy: Debunking Five Myths About Preventive Measures

Most women have been made to believe that there are several preventive myths and measures they can follow if they want to avoid conception. 

However, medical experts have come out to state that technically a woman can get pregnant without having sex, even if she is a virgin, or even if she strictly adheres to myths and preventive measures that surround conception. 

They warn that even if a woman does not intend to have a baby anytime soon, she should be aware of the sexual behaviours that could put her at risk of becoming pregnant.

According to gynaecologists, it is highly likely to become pregnant if sperm comes into touch with a woman's vagina at any time.

Hence, women must understand that the myths and preventive measures they believe will keep them from getting pregnant are not entirely true.

Thus, this article sort to debunk five myths about preventive measures for conception that have gotten women pregnant even when they believe such preventive measures will work. 

1. Breastfeeding

A common misconception is that active or exclusive breastfeeding hinders new mothers from conceiving a second time. 

However, doctors caution that this is not the case! They claim that, contrary to popular belief, nursing is NOT a natural contraceptive and cannot reduce your chances of getting pregnant soon after giving birth.


2. Using Contraception

Medical practitioners have iterated on several occasions that no form of contraception is 100 per cent effective. 

Therefore, it’s still highly possible to get pregnant despite being on the pill or using a condom.


3. Dry Humping

This is the procedure by which two people move up and down and back and forth on top of each other whether fully clothed or missing specific clothing. 

However, the penis must not come into contact with the vagina unless separated by some form of fabric. 

Even so, gynaecologists caution that a woman might become pregnant without being penetrated or even undressed. 

According to sex experts, dry humping can cause a woman to become pregnant - even if she hasn't removed her underwear. 

This is because sperm can pass through underwear. So, be aware that grinding (also known as dry sex/humping) puts you in danger of unintended pregnancy, though this is very rare. 


4. Rhythm or Calendar Method

Another common myth is that if a couple avoids sex during the most "fertile" period of a woman's cycle, she would not be able to conceive. 

However, doctors believe a woman can become pregnant at any time of the month, including when she is on her period.


5. No Ejaculation

Many couples believe that utilising the "pull out" approach will prevent them from having a baby, however, you can still become pregnant even if a male hasn't ejaculated at all. 

This is because the pre-ejaculation fluid that lubricates the penis during foreplay contains a trace of sperm that can fertilise the virginal eggs.

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