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Protesters In New Zealand To Face Prosecution For Violating Social Distancing Rule

Protesters In New Zealand To Face Prosecution For Violating

Over 2,000 New Zealand nationals who took to the streets to protest the killing of George Floyd, an African American killed by Derek Chauvin, will be prosecuted for disregarding the social distancing rule. 

The protest in the country has drawn criticism from the country's Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, who said that the protesters flouted the social distancing rule.

Although she sympathised with the protesters, she faulted the violations of the rule, as the country was nearing its elimination of the novel coronavirus that has claimed the lives of 22 people. 

Speaking with a local media outfit, Ardern said, “We are in a global pandemic and I would hate for there to be an outbreak caused by someone who felt really moved to go and share their view to then become ill.

“That’s exactly what we’re trying to prevent… if we had one person, in that crowd (with coronavirus) just think what could happen.”

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Buttressing her fears is her deputy, Winston Peters who said that the organisers of the protest in the country would need to be prosecuted, as they are not in any way above the law.

Winston said, “The fact that some people think they’re above the law is not an acceptable circumstance, that’s what’s at issue here."


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