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  • Updated: September 01, 2020

Queensland: Two Snakes Crash Through Roof

A resident of Queensland in Australia, said that he came home to find that two snakes had fallen through his roof.

The man identified as David Tate said that one of the snakes was found in his bedroom while the other was found slithering in his living room.

Both snakes had the weight of 22kg between the both of them.

Describing the snakes, snake catcher, Steven Brown, said that they were of "exceptional size".

It is assumed that the two snakes, both male, had been fighting over a female snake when they fell through, although, there was no female snake in sight.

The snakes are known as carpet pythons, and measure 2.8 metres (9.1 feet long) and 2.5 metres.

According to Tate, both snakes had been seen lounging on the roof sunbathing.

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He said, "When I came back...there was a large slab [of ceiling] on the kitchen table."

Tate added that he had called the snake catcher after finding both snakes, "I certainly didn't want to handle them," he said.

Speaking with the BBC, Steven Brown who is a member of the North Brisbane Snake Catchers and Relocation, said, "These two were of exceptional size compared to the common size that's usually come across.

"We are just coming into our snake season as today is the start of the breeding season and snakes will only get more active as the temperatures rise into our summer period.

"All snakes want to do is escape any threat of danger." 


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