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  • Updated: January 16, 2023

Remote Jobs 2023: Best Technology Dividend For Job Applicants

Remote Jobs 2023: Best Technology Dividend For Job Applicant

We are all witnesses to a time in our history when job application statistics are soaring beyond both human control and the capacity of traditional job openings to do justice to applicants.

Interestingly, remote jobs are coming to the rescue in the current year, thanks to technology.

What are Remote Jobs?

Remote jobs are jobs that are performed from a location other than the employee's usual place of work. 

This can include jobs that are performed from home, from a co-working space, or from a remote office.

Typically, these jobs are performed either over the internet or in remote devices from where they are uploaded to the cloud en route to either the remote employers or clients.

Remote jobs are carried out following similar office-based policies and procedures.

Only in this case, the remote worker must be self-driven and self-managed. 

It is their call to exhibit highly disciplinary traits, time management skills, and a great initiative to meet task deadlines and objectives.

Most devices used for remote work are expected to be internet-enabled as well as have in-built cameras for remote monitoring.

Back in the 80s, remote work was recognised by the term telecommuting.

Important Lessons About Remote Work or Telecommuting

There are amazing facts promoting remote work as supporting improved business outcomes and better performance than traditional work. 

Telecommuting is known to be characterized by increased efficiency in the way fewer interruptions occur during work.

 Here, the worker is seen to be more in control of their time and space, enjoying more flexibility in the process.

Moreover, by eradicating the time for commuting to the office, better work-life balance is promoted and nursing parents can tend to childcare better. 

With such kinds of flexibility at work, according to Forbes 2020 review, "29% of remote workers say they are happier than on-site workers, and they cite higher productivity and less stress when asked why." 

Also, according to decades of Gallup research, "when employees are engaged their performance soars: Highly engaged workplaces can claim 41% lower absenteeism, 40% fewer quality defects and 21% higher profitability."

What's more, for those not already used to remote work, having to work in the presence of family members, deal with zero boss supervision, and cope with a lack of dedicated space may be demotivating. 

2023 List of Best Remote Jobs Currently in High Demands

In order to help prospective remote job applicants, we have taken the time to avail you with information about a number of remote jobs out there and how or where to find them.

Sample Remote/Telecommute Jobs

  • Remote WordPress Support Specialist 

  • Data Scientist (Customer Success) 

  • Customer Success Engineer (Data Analyst) 

  • A remote Account Executive 

  • A remote Sales Development Representative 

  • A 100% remote Legal Operations Specialist 

  • Remote software engineers (intermediate and senior levels) 

  • Remote Technical Support Representative

  •  Remote Data Entry Clerk

  • Remote Web Developer

The above list represents only a paltry three per cent of the available remote jobs at the time of writing. Job applicants will do well to dig deeper!

The beauty of remote jobs is that the employer and employee can be at both ends of the world's polar coordinates.

However, timezone differences are usually of utmost concern to employers.

This means it's your duty as an applicant to carefully study the requirements of the job to be sure your time axis is compatible with that of the job.

Notwithstanding, most of the remote jobs mentioned above are located in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, and Germany.

There are still African remote jobs in South Africa, Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, etc. 

The Requirements of Experience and Applicable Salaries

In most remote jobs, like their traditional counterparts, experience level is the primary determinant of how much you can earn as a remote worker.

While the majority of the jobs are on freelance bases, the rest are on full-time bases.

Some employers state their remuneration rates in USD/hour (e.g., 45/hr jobs are typical).

Others will assure of salaries of between 1000 USD to 7000 USD monthly depending on your experience.

Please note that if your target is high-paying jobs, try your luck with companies in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, etc.


Remote or telecommuting jobs have come to stay.

At the current pace of things, remote jobs are fast taking over considerable slices of job roles in many office-based organisations. 

The competition associated with remote roles is getting very hot because every open role is seen by applicants in their millions (both those already working and those not working). 

This means that only those best positioned for remote jobs land them!

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