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  • Updated: July 31, 2022

REVIEW: 'Hey You' Is Raunchy, Racy And Refreshingly On Point

I'm personally not a love or mushy mushy person, so whenever I go to cinemas to see Rom-Com-themed movies, I mostly pray that they at least not suck.

With that said, Hey You managed to actually exceed my expectations for a Rom-Com and shoot me into a galaxy of wonder and awe.

The story is majorly based on our two leads, Bianca and Abel. 

Bianca is a teacher by day and an exotic strip dancer by night on a video platform called Fans Alone. Abel, on the other hand, is a regular customer of this app where he watches Bianca.

The twist is both are neighbours in the same house and have never seen the other side of themselves except on this anonymous platform.

Not wanting to drop spoilers, I'd say a series of events happen that lead to Abel taking her to her apartment after a drunken episode. 

Trouble begins when Bianca's former flame returns to the country and now she's stuck between choosing her dashing wealthy boy or her awkward neighbour who she has now fallen in love with.

Now let's go into dissecting this movie.

Efe Irele plays the role of Bianca, a teacher by day, and stripper on Fans Alone by night. She is really good in this role. I was almost completely convinced that the character was written with Efe in mind.

Like the role legit needed someone who could be edgy or at least appear to be edgy on camera, and Efe really delivered.

Timini Egbuson plays the role of Abel, a socially awkward tech bro who spends most of his time on questionable websites.

I've watched a lot of Timini's films and I believe he deserves a round of applause.

We're not used to seeing him as a timid or socially awkward person, so I think we should be appreciating the effort it took for him to pull this role off.

Tope Olowoniyan plays Miss Yemi, Abel's boss at the tech firm. She was impressively convincing as a very bossy lady.

I do hold reservations about her dressing though. Don't get me wrong, the costumes were exquisite but I wanna be sure that's how tech firm bosses dress though.

Stan Eze plays Chiboy, Abel's mischievous colleague and friend. He is basically what we expect of every rom-com. A friend who pushes you towards doing those things you naturally are too timid to do. He is good but nothing extraordinary.

I loved the visuals of the movie. I thought it was exquisite with the camera angle and all. The animation and motion graphics took me off my seat, the 3D and all left me pleasantly impressed. It was really tasteful.

I loved the writing and attention to detail. Although they did get some parts wrong but hey, they did more than enough to cover up for it.

The costumes were also on point.

I loved the music too. The way it came and went out in symphony. And the way it supported the graphics on screen just made it much more enjoyable.

The set pieces were my highlight; Timini's room, Efe's room, Timini's office and Efe's office all made the scenery beautiful.

The set design is functional, making them able to do creative and dynamic things. It's not every day we see that in Nollywood movies.

Also, I loved that they threaded the path of adult entertainment. They dared to do something different and it was refreshing to watch.

I disliked the cliché atmosphere. It almost turned the ambience of the movie into something else. I practically rolled my eyes more than thrice.

The clichés were somewhat totally unnecessary and my guess is the writers simply just felt like that was the way romcoms go.

There were too many convenient coincidences that made it almost look like lazy writing. Like it was so convenient that someone was picked up from the road, forgot their phone in your car, now in your bid to return it, you get invited to a birthday which conveniently again, was on the same day. That was quite laughable.

One that makes me a bit bitter is how they didn't resolve Abel's character. Like I was rooting for this guy but they didn't properly redeem him from looking too much of an overly toxic person.

The story felt kind of weak towards the end; it didn't lose momentum but still felt weak.

All in all, this is a movie I'd see a second and third time if given the chance and I'm sure the greater demographic of cinemagoers are going to love this steamy bowl of hot romance.

I'd give this movie a resounding 8/10 rating.


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