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  • Updated: October 30, 2020

Roundup On Quick Loans, Lifetime Payment, Other Income For N-Power Beneficiaries

AllNews have collated various revenue-generating opportunities N-Power beneficiaries can take advantage of to increase their monthly N-Power payments. It is understood that the NGN30,000 given to N-Power beneficiaries is not enough to cater to their needs, that's why these funding opportunities are vital to each N-Power beneficiaries.

In the month of October 2020, AllNews wrote some articles on opportunities that N-Power beneficiaries can utilise to enrich themselves or support their financial needs. These articles are known as financial literacy that exposes beneficiaries to money-making opportunities.

The benefit of these articles is that it reveals Quick loans available for N-Power beneficiaries, Steps for N-Power beneficiaries to earn lifetime income, and Agrictech platforms that offers high interest on money invested in any agric business. Some of the articles might have gone unnoticed to N-Power beneficiaries, that's why AllNews is bringing them to you again.

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Quick Loans Available For N-Power Beneficiaries

AllNews gathered some quick loans available for N-Power beneficiaries. Gone are the days when requesting for loan is an herculean task that only the rich can achieve. Today, there are several loan opportunities that any individual can apply for and secure through their mobile phone without providing collateral, guarantor or paperwork within five minutes.

These are the type of loans that AllNews have gathered for N-Power beneficiaries to take advantage of if they intend to survive this year and next year. The loans are provided by Fintech companies that don't demand 'a yam and leg' just to get loan or credit with interest rates lower than commercial banks.

All the requirements for the loan is for individuals to fill their online application and have a salary job - nothing more. Some of the quick loans are Carbon, Aella, Migo, GTBank quick loan, and Palmcredit. To know how to apply for free for this loan which are given within five minutes, CLICK THIS LINK.

Steps For N-Power Beneficiaries To Earn Lifetime Income

There are steps N-Power beneficiaries can take to earn income forever - even without working - so it's time for erstwhile N-Power beneficiaries to start thinking about the future. These steps are not the world's best-kept secret, so AllNews is making it available to N-Power beneficiaries.

These steps are important due to the uncertainty surrounding the longevity of the N-Power programme, as the government continues to ponder the essence of N-Power, it is advisable for beneficiaries to look beyond this social intervention programme, and take advantage of other income opportunities.

This lifetime income opportunity comes from various companies in telecommunications, banks, cement, oil and gas, fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG), and many more. To learn how to apply for this lifetime income, CLICK THIS LINK.

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N-Power Beneficiaries Can Take Advantage Of Agrictech To Increase Income

N-Power beneficiaries need to find a way to increase their income before the N-Power programme is shut down. There are several ways to double or increase income, but only a few are credible, and one of the few is the agric-tech platform - these are agric investment firms that help individuals invest their money into the agric business and payback with interest in three or six months, depending on the subscription package.

With as low as NGN5,000, N-Power beneficiaries can invest in farm businesses such as poultry, rice, maize, or other farm produce, and earn more than your investment in six months. Investing in Agrictech platforms is better than saving your money in banks, as credible Agrictech platforms guarantee interest rates of different percentages.

Some of the Agrictech platforms that offer these financial opportunities are GroupFarma, Crowdyvest (Farmcrowdy), Farmsponsor, and Required. To know how to apply for the revenue opportunities, CLICK THIS LINK.


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