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  • Updated: January 26, 2022

SAT Exams To Go Completely Digital By 2024

The SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test) standardized college admissions tests introduced nearly a hundred years ago will be digitalised starting the year 2024.

The new testing standard was announced amid a growing trend for schools across the US to drop the SAT (or rival ACT) tests altogether. The new system will close tests taken on paper with No. 2 pencils.

The College Board, which administers the tests said that students will instead complete the exams on Computer or computer-like devices, either their own or devices issued by the school. If students don't have a device, the board will provide one on the test day. And if a student loses power or connectivity, "the digital SAT has been designed to ensure they won't lose their work or time while they reconnect."

The testing time will be shortened to two hours instead of three. It'll feature shorter reading passages with one question for each, reflecting a wider range of topics more representative of what students will see in college. For the math section, calculators will finally be allowed. And students and teachers will get test scores in days rather than weeks, with educators no longer having to deal with packing, sorting, or shipping test materials.

According to the FairTest non-profit foundation, around 1,815 schools (of nearly 4,000 degree-granting institutions) have eliminated the requirement for standardized test scores in 2022 and the College Board said that in pilot testing, 80 percent of students found the digital-only tests less stressful.

FairTest Executive Director Bob Schaeffer revealed more students applied to schools that did not mandate ACT/SAT submission last year.

"Schools that did not mandate ACT/SAT submission last year generally received more applicants, better academically qualified applicants and a more diverse pool of applicants.”

SAT Exam In Nigeria

Students who are domiciled in Nigeria and want to travel to United State or Canada to further their studies are mandated to write the SAT examination.

The total score for SAT I is 1600---- (Mathematics---800, Critical Reasoning and Writing---800).

SAT 2 is the subject test that is required by some specific schools, subjects include major secondary school subjects.

SAT 1 and SAT 2 are arranged and administered in Nigeria about six (6) – seven (7) times a year.

SAT test/exam registration in Nigeria is usually done about 8-10 weeks before the intended exam date and costs #80,000.

Test takers in Nigeria will need a valid international passport as an identifying document on the day of the exam.

The SAT test lasts for about four (4) hours, so candidates are advised to plan their test day properly. No other serious engagement should be fixed for that day.

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