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  • Updated: April 07, 2023

Seven Early Red Flags To Look Out For In Your Relationship

Seven Early Red Flags To Look Out For In Your Relationship

When you enter into a new romantic relationship, it can be difficult to spot all the issues that could come between you and your long-term partner. 

You have a honeymoon period during which you are ready to forgive them of their shortcomings or persuade yourself that you can handle them despite the early show of flaws. 

But with time, you get to see that the tiny little lies people tell snowball or perhaps turn into something bigger. 

In the end, if you can tell there are many issues right away, it is advisable to leave the relationship at once because it is unlikely that things will work out. 

In light of this, here are seven warning signs or red flags that show a relationship won't last. 

1. They Don't Respect Your Boundaries

When boundaries are not established at the beginning of a relationship, it is almost certain to fail. 

You must realize your wants while giving your partner unconditional love. 

This is why you should talk about issues like how much time you'll spend together vs time apart, as well as your relationship goals. 

Addressing these issues as soon as possible can help you prevent future misunderstandings and problems in the long run. 


2. You Have Different Social Expectations

You and your partner don't need to have similar personalities for the relationship to flourish.  

But if you have fundamentally different attitudes to socializing (for example, they want to go out every night while you prefer to stay at home), it may be difficult to make things work. 

However, if you talk about it freely and both of you are prepared to compromise, you might be able to reach a happy medium. 

Otherwise, you might rarely see each other, which defeats the purpose of being in a relationship.


3. They Can't Be Straightforward With You

Whether they are lying or hiding facts on purpose, these are red flags that there are holes in the relationship that cannot be fixed.  

You may be tempted to skirt the topic out of fear of escalating into a more severe fight, but doing so will only lead to envy and sadness in the long term. 

It is critical to catch it early in the bidding process. Inform them in a non-confrontational manner that their tiny lies hurt you.

This is the only method to determine whether or not the problem can be resolved.


4. You Are Rarely On The Same Page

That you and your partner have divergent communication styles is a major warning sign that there will be drama in your relationship forever. 

For instance, you could appreciate openness and sharing as much as you can, whereas your partner is more likely to be secretive. 

Alternatively, you make an effort to abide by the prohibition against going to sleep angry with one another while they let conflicts linger. 

These problems will eventually cause resentment, irritation, and especially the impression that they don't truly love or value you. 


5. They Show Flashes Of A Toxic Personality From The Beginning

When you first meet someone, they are usually on their best behaviour because they want you to perceive them as a regular, laid-back person. 

If they continue to exhibit inappropriate behaviour throughout this time, you should move away since it will only grow worse and may be abusive. 

Some instances include disrespecting your limits on a first date, bossing you around, or being disrespectful to the restaurant staff. 


6. You Do Not Share The Same Financial Philosophy

Finances are one of the most difficult issues that couples face. 

So, if you and your spouse have different spending and saving habits, be aware that if you're a married pair, these disparities will come to light since you'll be dealing with paying rent, and utilities, and making major spending decisions. 

Setting and adhering to norms requires effort and a desire to collaborate. If you can't, prepare for a never-ending money dispute. 

Hence, it is a big red flag if you and your partner do not share the same financial philosophy and it is better to end the relationship at the early stage before things get worse. 

7. Substance Abuse Issues Arise

If you find that your partner is more than just a casual drinker, find out the reasons why. 

Are they doing it to reduce anxiety, for example? Is it something they require to get through the day? 

Someone who has an alcohol issue deserves sympathy, but they must also be prepared to recognize they have a problem and seek assistance. 

Attending couples counselling might be a fantastic way to show support and address the issue jointly. 

But unfortunately for many couples, it becomes an obstacle that cannot be overcome.

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