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  • Updated: October 22, 2022

Seven Easiest Countries To Get Student Visa From Nigeria

If you are looking at leaving Nigeria to study abroad - be it undergraduate or masters -  this post reveals some of the countries where Nigerians can obtain a student visa with the least amount of stress.

Below are some of the nations where Nigerians can obtain student visas with the least hassle:

1. Australia

This country remains a popular option for many international students.

Australian universities have some of the best facilities in the world and are culturally diverse.

This country is one of those which visa procedures are simple and stress free.

2. Ireland

In this country, a student visa is easy to obtain.

You can apply for a student visa online as well, but you’ll need proof of acceptance into one of the university’s programs.

When you finish school, you will have a range of job options, and as a student, you can work part-time.

3. Germany

You will be required to present proof of financial assistance in the form of a particular amount of money in a closed account as an international student.

For many Nigerians, German colleges have become a favorite study destination.

If you can provide your financial means you are good to go.

4. United Kingdom

The UK allows more students to hop into the country.

It offers an easy visa process for international student. Its schools are among the best in the world, with graduates securing well-paying employment upon graduation.

5. Finland

Finland is one of the most popular destinations for international students for its diverse range of cultures and people.

Its visa process is flexible and even if students don’t speak the language, students can find work to live off.

6. Norway

Norwegians are known for their flexibility and are extremely welcoming of the local community, particularly students and workers.

Norway is an extremely hospitable country. To get a student visa is not hard.

This is one of the reasons students flock to the country to study.

7. Canada

This is another country with easiest student visa for Nigerians.

For many Nigerians, this is a preferred destination because the process is simpler.

It offers a wide range of opportunities both during and after education, making it a popular choice among migrants and students.

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