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  • Updated: April 25, 2023

Seven Largest Solar Power Plants In Africa

Africa is at the forefront of renewable energy production, endowed with a rich bounty of natural resources.

The sun is one of them.  Generally referred to as the “sunny continent”, Africa is the sunniest place on Earth. 

Despite its favourable circumstances, solar power penetration in Africa's energy mix is still low, and the continent's enormous PV potential is still unrealized. 

Africa has historically relied on hydropower, but this dependence is, unfortunately, dwindling as climate change-related water shortages spread across the continent. 

More than 645 million people on the African continent, according to estimates, lack access to electricity and depend on fuels like coal and wood to meet their daily energy needs.

The continent which is rich in renewable energy such as solar photovoltaic (PVs) and concentrated solar power (CSP) has created the opportunity for the continent to make a move to solve the problem of electricity and provide utility-scale electricity for the majority who still lives in darkness.

In this article, we will explore seven of the largest solar power plants in Africa. Our ranking will be in no particular order. 

1. Ilanga Concentrated Solar Power – South Africa

Ilanga concentrated solar power plants have a nominal capacity of 100 MW and a target capacity of 400 MW. 

The solar plant is situated in Karoshoek, 20 km east of Upington, in the Northern Cape province of South Africa.

The total area that the power plant covers is 870,000 m2. 

Additionally, the Ilanga power plant powers more than 80,000 homes in South Africa and have the potential to power 0.1 million homes in the area in the future.

2. Kalkbult Solar Power Plant – South Africa

With a capacity of 75MW solar PV power project, Kalkbult remains of the largest solar power plant in Africa. 

The power plant is located in Northern Cape, South Africa. Although the construction started in 2012, it was eventually completed in 2013 costing about $264.062m to construct and it generates 135,000MWh of electricity and supplies enough clean energy to power 33,000 households. 

3. Ouarzazate Solar Power Station – Morocco

The largest solar power facility in Africa is located in Ouarzazate, Morocco. It is also known as Noor Power Station.

The power plant is a solar power complex and auxiliary diesel fuel system, which means it is a solar/diesel combination system known as a hybrid system. 

Under the right circumstances, a hybrid system can prove to be very reliable and cost-effective.

It is located in the Drâa-Tafilalet region of Morocco, 10 kilometres from the town of Ouarzazate.

The largest solar power plant in Africa, Ouarzazate, occupies about 2,500 hectares (6,178 acres).

In addition, it is the world's biggest concentrated solar power (CSP) facility. It also has a 510 MW capacity and a further 72 MW photovoltaic system, bringing the total capacity to 582 MW.


4. Kathu Solar Park – South Africa

South Africa dominates Africa in terms of development and technology, so it is no surprise that a good number of the largest solar power plants in Africa are situated in South Africa. 

Kathu solar park is located near Kathu in the Northern Cape province of South Africa. 

It covers a total area of approximately, 800 hectares with a capacity of 100 MW to provide electricity to over 179,000 households in South Africa.

It remains one of the biggest and largest in the region and one of the pride of South Africa.


5. Benban Solar Project – Egypt

The Benban Solar Project, the largest solar power facility in Egypt, will produce 20% of the nation's electricity from renewable sources by 2024. 

The solar power plant is said to be in Benban (Aswan Governorate), which is 40 kilometres northwest of Aswan and located in the western desert south of Cairo. 

Benban's combined 41 plants are estimated to produce 1.8 GW of power. With all of its 41 plants, it occupies a space of about 37.2 km2 (14.4 sq mi).


6. De Aar Solar Power Plant – South Africa

One of the biggest solar power plants in Africa, De Aar is situated in the Northern Cape Province of Mandele's native South Africa, in the southernmost region of the continent. 

There are approximately 167,580 solar (PV) panels installed at the 100-hectare solar power plant. 

Additionally, it can power over 19,000 typical South African homes with its 85.26 MW capacity.

After a significant amount of energy was lost during the project's peak generation days, an additional 90MW of generation capacity was added during its second phase, bringing the total project capacity to 175MW. 

The project was commissioned in 2014, but the Department of Environmental Affairs granted it full environmental authorization back in 2011.


7. Xina Solar One Power Station – South Africa

Xina solar one power station which was constructed between 2014-2016 is located in Pofadder in the Northern Cape province of South Africa. 

The Xina plant has a capacity of 100 MW while it covers an area of 850,000 square meters (210 acres) with the ability to service over  95,000 South African households. 

The project which cost about $880 million was commercially commissioned in 2017.

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