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Seven Most Expensive Resorts In The World In 2022

Resort holidays always attract a large number of people of different social statuses from different countries of the world.

Warm sea and hot summer sun, sandy beaches and exotic fruits - all of this is a fantastic vacation idea.

The only difference is in price. There are budget vacation options as well as the most expensive resorts in the world that you simply cannot afford.

The beauty of such places is simply breathtaking, not to mention the level of service and upkeep. This article will discuss seven of the world's most expensive resorts.    

7. Frigate Island, Seychelles - $800

Fregat Resort is located on the Indian Ocean in Seychelles. You can only get here by helicopter or yacht from Mahe's capital.

The island is a private area with beautiful beaches and wild jungle views.

Fregate Island also provides plenty of entertainment for visitors, including a swimming pool with panoramic views for those who aren't interested in the sea, spa centres with a variety of massage services, and much more.

A ticket to a small paradise in Seychelles will cost around $4,000 for 5 days, depending on the client's preferences.

6. Hawaii, USA - $1200

Every traveller and tourist has heard of the Hawaiian Islands, which are located in the Pacific Ocean near America.

It will not be easy to get there; the average journey from a European country will take at least 20 hours, not including the travel fee.

When the traveller arrives on the islands, he expects a royal welcome. These vouchers typically include all of the amenities of nearby hotels.

For outdoor enthusiasts, Hawaii has a plethora of sports entertainment options, and for those seeking peace, there are beautiful deserted beaches overlooking the ocean. Such a vacation will cost at least $6,000 for five days.

5. San Pedro, Belize - $1400

This Belize resort is located on the Caribbean Sea. The islands' territory is private property with deserted beaches.

This is a true paradise for those who want to enjoy each other's company without being watched.

Five days of vacation in this resort will cost a tourist $7,000, which includes all flight and lodging expenses.

The island can accommodate a maximum of 14 guests. Several villas with personal assistants are available for guests' convenience.

Another unique feature of the San Pedro (Cayo Espanto) resort is that vacationers can rent the entire island for $ 10,000 per day.    

4. Turtle Island, Fiji - from $1700

The resort can accommodate 14 people, making it ideal for the perfect family vacation. 

The price of the Turtle Island ticket includes all island entertainment and local restaurants. The resort is well-known for its exotic fishing excursions.

Tourists may enjoy the marine inhabitants of this island, which include large turtles that can live for at least 100 years.

The natural beauty of this location cannot be described in words; it is best to see everything with your own eyes.

Staying on the island for 6 days will cost you between $10,000 and $15,000 per day.

3 Altamar, Anguilla - $5,000

Another great place to unwind is not far from San Pedro in the Caribbean Sea.

The Altamar resort in Anguilla is part of the English territory and offers excellent service and cuisine.

The location is ideal for those who are tired of the city's bustle and day-to-day noisy activities. 

Popular celebrities from all over the world frequently rest here. Accommodation will cost at least $30,000 for six days.

Vacation at this resort must be reserved for two weeks earlier, which can cost a tourist $100,000.

02. Rania, Maldives - $12,000

A truly peaceful and tranquil environment, the small island in the Maldives with the Rania (Rania Experience) resort will transport guests to a world of luxury and enjoyment.

The maximum number of residents is limited to 12. For those who value personal space and privacy, all apartments are set apart from one another.

Rania can only be reached by water plane or yacht. The open view of the Maldives will provide many positive emotions when travelling by air.

Five days of vacation in the Maldives will cost 60,000 dollars.

1. Sandy Lane, Barbados - $20,000

The Caribbean Sea is one of the most beautiful places to relax in the world.

The island nation of Barbados, with the premium resort of Sandy Lane or Sandy Lane, is to the east.

Everything for guests is planned down to the smallest detail, from a meeting to specially selected entertainment.

Barbados' beaches are known for their unusual pink sand. There is a private court for golf enthusiasts.

Vacationers typically pay between $90,000 and $100,000 for 5 days. Sandy Lane's entire atmosphere is saturated with the luxury of its Romanesque interior.

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