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Seven Ways To Know A Cheating Partner

Cheating partners do everything possible to hide the fact that they are cheating, however, no matter how much they tend to hide the truth, the signs are always there. 

If you’ve ever detected signals of cheating coming from your partner, then you certainly know the horrible, gut-wrenching feeling that something isn’t right.

Signs of a cheating husband or wife might be vast or minor, evident or subtle.

Below are seven subtle ways to know that your partner is cheating:

1. They are suddenly unreachable

Change is a major factor once more. It is not necessarily a sign of infidelity if your partner works a job that makes it difficult to reach them at particular times of the day.

However, if it becomes increasingly difficult for you to contact them when you previously had no trouble doing so, that might raise a concern.

Coleman emphasizes that "cheaters need solitude and unbroken time blocks. A person having an ongoing affair must occasionally be unreachable."

They don't want to take a chance on you hearing ominous whispers or background noises, after all.

2. Their schedule changes with no good explanation

The majority of people follow consistent schedules, and even when they do alter, there is typically a good explanation.

Someone who suddenly has to "work late" at times that defy logic may be cheating, according to Coleman.

This is especially true if it continues to happen while your partner isn't working on a new project, getting a promotion, or any other new employment.

3. They have a decrease or increase in libido 

Given that they are having sex elsewhere, cheaters tend to have less sex at home, according to Coleman. However, occasionally they try to have more sex at home.

Guilt-ridden persons may make more romantic advances. Some people might do this to hide their trail.

However, some people would do this to appease a partner so that the partner won't ask for sex later when the cheater knows they won't be available.

4. Their phone habits change

This can involve a variety of actions, such as changing their password or always carrying their phone when they used to leave it lying about.

It is usual in committed relationships to know your partner's password or be able to use their phone to check something up online or take a charming picture if yours isn't handy, according to Burns.

Your partner may be hiding something if they seem possessive with their phone or become angry when you want to use it.

5. What they say and what actually happens do not add up

Doares claims that cheats are frequently discovered in this way.

Perhaps your partner claims they had to do something that doesn't make sense, or perhaps someone claims they were involved in something they weren't.

The truth is simple but keeping lies straight is difficult, she claims, adding: "Objective evidence backs up the truth but frequently contradicts lies."

6.  They get defensive when you ask why certain things have changed

Although relationships vary and develop, you should be able to discuss this as a pair.

There is no need for defensiveness, according to Coleman, if there is an innocent explanation for why some things have changed.

According to Coleman, a cheater may respond to a question with another question, such as "Why do you ask?" or "Why is that important?" if they need more time to think of a deceptive response.

7. They accuse you of cheating 

There are a few explanations for this strange but typical behaviour among cheaters, according to Coleman. It puts you on the defensive and shifts attention away from them by making your claimed behaviour the problem.

Given that they are already "worried" that you are cheating, it may also make you less willing to speak up about things that look strange because you don't want to upset them.

It also offers them an excuse to say they need "time apart to ponder," which is another way of saying they need to see their sweetheart.

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