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Should Phone Users Buy IPhone 12 Now Or Wait? By Pelumi Olowoyeye

Should Phone Users Buy IPhone 12 Now Or Wait? By Pelumi Olow

iPhone new releases have a rave like no other, but the iPhone 12 series is set to be the biggest rave of the year, with rumours, predictions and so many mind games making the waves in the tech world right now, the questions and the expectations on the minds of so many iPhones favourites can be dreamy, exciting and maybe confusing “should you make a run for it right now and make a pre-order for the much-awaited iPhone 12 or do you wait?" Here’s the dilemma for both new and old iPhone users.

Should phone users buy an iPhone 12 now or wait?

This is the million-dollar question for everyone, considering the fact that the Apple company have a long history of reinventing and redesigning its iPhone and Apple products every 12 years, 2020 for Apple and iPhone products is obviously going to be a big, groundbreaking, mega year for iPhone products and the iPhone 12 series would be the flagship products for the company.

So why should you wait for the iPhone 12 series release and not just buy any other iPhone or smartphone?

iPhone 12 pricing vs iPhone 11 pricing

The iPhone 12 series would be unveiling four iPhone 12 product with some for low budget users, mid-range users, and high-end users, users might find it interesting to know that the iPhone 12 is predicted to have a starting price of 649$ as against the previous iPhone 11 series starting price which was capped as 699$. Following the continued increase of iPhone prices for new releases, this is a bumper bonus every iPhone user would love even more than the previous iPhone series.

New Design and some Retro Styling

iPhones have always been known for their smashing, simple, stylish yet portable designs, the iPhone 12 series is looking to reinvent some of iPhone 4’s retro outlook design by making the iPhone 12 low range device smaller, but still packing the required punch by adding OLED display feature in place of iPhone 11’s LCD feature.

Even the feel and smoothness of use will be getting a boost as the iPhone 12 would be offering a 120Hz Pro Motion feature.

Selfies and Mobile Photography just got better!

The iPhone 11 series camera was obviously the best for the larger part of 2019 and some part of 2020, as the series “Smart HDR and Night Mode” features were the raves of the year for iPhone selfie lovers and people who just couldn’t get enough of themselves, this is coupled with the “Telephoto zoom” feature which was the icing on the cake for many.

However, the iPhone 12 would be a mega-improvement on that as the 5.4 inch mid-range iPhone 12 as well as the iPhone 12 Pro and 12 Max would be offering more lenses, plus a new feature called “LIDAR scanner”.

This cool new feature will not only be a big boost for camera quality but would also make mobile photography more AI-assisted, especially for video recording, subject and object auto-detection, autofocus and would essentially make the iPhone 12 a go-to device for sublime AR( Augmented Reality) experience.

More power for the fun!

iPhone devices rarely have big batteries stuffed into them because they’re made to be simple and portable as can be, the iPhone 12 series will be receiving a lil, but the essential boost in this department as the previous iPhone 11 series had battery capacities ranging from 3,046mah – 3,969mah for the iPhone 11 Pro Max device.

For users readily awaiting the iPhone 12 series, it’s going to be an exciting but different year for users as the iPhone 12 series leaks and rumors have predicted that the iPhone 12 series will be getting a 4,400 mah battery.

Speed! Speed and more Speed! –iPhone 12 5G VS iPhone 11 4G.

This is the biggest, most anticipated, top of the bar feature that is expected to come with the new iPhone 12 series, the iPhone 12 apple flagship series will be making the jump from 4G network to 5G, which would be an enormous milestone for the company, likewise, users, who would get more download and browsing speed than iPhone 11 users or other iPhone users, what can be more rewarding than getting more speed, more power and more quality at a lesser price!

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The much-awaited iPhone 12 series release is everything better than any other previous iPhone series release and also, Apple company has a policy of making new changes and remakes to all its devices every 12 years, 2020 turns out to be the magic number on Apple’s cards and were definitely going to be seeing a lot of new cool features, new designs and a mouth-watering affordable stating price of 649$ for the iPhone 12, so save up and get that iPhone 12 right now when it’s cheap, hot and new.


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